« Wine Business »: The success of the first workshop on the theme of innovation in the wine industry, organized by researchers from Montpellier Business School.

The second workshop organized by the professors-researchers from Montpellier Business School on the theme of innovation in the wine industry, took place on the 21st and the 22nd of January 2016. The idea of organizing a workshop on wine came from the desire to create a dynamic research around wine, by bringing the work of several research professors from Montpellier Business School, in the areas of marketing, finance, innovation and management organization. A dozens of professors-researchers from all disciplines of management science have joined the project, giving birth to the Wine Business Research Group.

« Our territory is internationally recognized for its dynamism in the field of wine. The idea of an international workshop was for us the best option, especially to confront our points views. By organizing it in Montpellier Business School, we wanted to clearly position the school as an essential academic actor in the field of wine in the south of France », says Dr. Beysül AYTAÇ. « We are also honored that this first workshop was sponsored by the AAWE (American Association of Wine Economists) and that we could host 30 French, Swiss, American, Austrian and Turkish researchers who attended more than fifteen conferences in addition to the presentations of Dr. Karl STORCHMANN, Professor of economics at the New York University, co-founder of the AAWE and editor of the journal "Journal of Wine economics" but also Dr. Leo Paul Dana, Professor at Montpellier Business School and editor of the journal "International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Small Business ».

This workshop was also an opportunity to invite many business leaders. Ms. Emilie DARROMAN, Research Engineer at Diam Bouchage, world leader in the manufacture of cork stoppers, could discuss about, share and present her company's innovation policy. Mrs Christine MOLINES and Mrs Laure MICHEL, from the Interprofessional Wine Council of the Languedoc-Rousillon region could also make a presentation about the dynamics of the wines from the region. It was followed by a wine tasting session.

The Lecturers and the researchers closed the workshop in a friendly atmosphere. « This was exactly what a workshop of this kind is supposed to be.  High-quality paper presentations, critical and constructive comments and discussions, plus informal exchanges during coffee breaks, lunches, dinners and the tour, helped to foster research in wine economics as well as networking. In addition, the organization was outstanding. I am honored that you partnered with the American Association of Wine Economics », says Dr. Karl STORCHMANN, delighted with this first edition's success.

No doubt that the Wine Business Research Group from Montpellier Business School will organize a similar workshop next year.

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