Diversity and international student at Montpellier Business School!

At the beginning of he second semester, Montpellier BS welcomed 47 new international students and Beatrice Romano is one of them. She is a 21 years old Italo-Australian who studies at La Trobe University and is in her second year of Bachelor’s degree. She tells us about her first weeks at Montpellier BS.

Why did you choose Montpellier Business School for your first international experience?

« My dream was to spend one semester abroad and I worked hard for it. France was my first choice, to reconnect with my roots, because I learned French in Italy when I was little. Although I have good comprehension skills, I still have difficulties. I would like to take this opportunity to improve. I had the choice between many schools in France and I chose Montpellier because I found the website very attractive, but it's not the only reason behind my choice. I also chose this school for its reputation and the quality of its teachings. Most of my classes are in English and the professors here speak well. I also liked the course "International Marketing" taught by Professor Calin Gurau! »

Do you have a career project?

« I would like to study marketing because it is a discipline that you can apply to different sectors. The courses taught at Montpellier BS will help me build up my project and see all the different aspects of marketing. The courses that I follow are really diverse: "Design thinking", "Innovation Management" and "Organizational theory". French business schools seem to give much more opportunities than foreign universities. Here I discovered a lot of new teaching materials and subjects that I never knew existed like the concept of "Ethical Banking" for example ».

How are the classes and your integration going?

« My class is diverse, almost all nationalities are represented (American Latino, Asian, European ...) and I like to chat with each of my class mates. In general, I go out with Europeans with whom I get along very well. We often go to an Australian bar on Mondays, that way I don’t forget my country (laughs). The association World Connection which goal is to help international students and organize activities. I love Montpellier: it looks like a movie set, there are beautiful little streets which is very nice! I will go back to Australia in July because I want to enjoy my life in Montpellier and practice French ».