Welcome to Elise, young New-Yorker in exchange at Montpellier BS for one semester

Elise Wright, 19 years old, comes from Greensboro, North Carolina. She is doing her Master’s degree in New York at Hofstra University and is following the National Business Programme. She just finished her Bachelor with an academic semester in exchange at Montpellier Business School. Always smiling, the young American gives us her first impressions about the city!

Why did you come to France?

« When studying in New York, I found that something was missing in my studies and I wanted to learn a new language. French seemed to be the ideal language to make a difference. Back in my university and during one semester, I was taking a French class to prepare myself before arriving. My French still needs to be improved, but since over a month spent here, I already have a better fluency. I do not think that I will be able to become fully bilingual in French in 6 months but I will do my best to learn! »

Why did you choose Montpellier BS?

« I had never heard of Montpellier before thinking of going abroad! I came across it by chance. A friend of mine came to study in Montpellier last year, he had such a good time here that I wanted to come. I was firstly interested by the programme and especially by the "entrepreneurship", "international marketing" and "economics" classes but also by what my friend had told me about his life here, the city and the French culture. He helped me a lot to find an accommodation and for other administrative procedures. I came here without knowing anything about the city».

How do you feel now in Montpellier?

« There is a big difference between here and the United States. In the US, campuses are like small towns, there is no need to move. Here in France, we don’t live on campus, we are more independent. Students are very welcoming and my class is multicultural. I visited Montpellier a lot those past couple of weekends, it is a nice city and I like the atmosphere here! I’m only staying in Montpellier for 6 months, I will go back in the US in Mai. However, I plan to come back to Europe, for a longer period of time if I can. I would like to discover your continent, it is easy to travel here because all countries are small and close to each other ».

Montpellier BS welcomes Elise and recalls that next year, the Hofstra University in New York will host Hugo Levaique student in the Master Grande Ecole programme for its full academic year abroad!