Sofiane, Bachelor student at Montpellier Business School and apprentice at Yves Rocher

Sofiane Zbair is 23 years old. He joined this year the last year of the Bachelor programme of Montpellier Business School and choose to do it in apprenticeship. He is today apprentice at Yves Rocher as a Product Development Designer. He tells us more about he projects.

« I discovered Montpellier Business School during my two-years diploma in communication. At that time, some students from the programme came to our school to present the MBS programmes. The Bachelor in apprenticeship is what convinced me to join the school as it combines theoretical courses and professional experience », he explains.

« To find a company for the apprenticeship I was helped by Miss Sophie Ramdane who is apprenticeship and internship advisor at MBS. With her, I could build my career project, clarify my interests, prepare my arguments in terms of skills and motivation… Given my passion for creation and graphic design since I was 14, I applied to many brands including Yves Rocher and I started in September 2015 as Product Marketing Development Designer, a position that I was dreaming of!! I am part of the "Gift Marketing" department and responsible in particular for carrying out marketing watch, I also take care of the creation of sets and models, product drawings and technical relationships with suppliers ... I really enjoy it. » He says.

Sofiane doesn’t want to think about what next … but if he decided to continue his studies he would choose to do a Master’s degree in apprenticeship! « I want to thank my tutor Mrs Pascale Joubard, Head of the Retail and Style Group, who allowed my good integration within the Yves Rocher Group and who supports me every day. Doing an apprenticeship is a rich experience, I had never had any experience with so much responsibilities and I now feel more confident, more mature and I have the desire to fully grasp this chance and give the best of myself. Doing an apprenticeship is demanding and is the perfect example of a win-win relationship between businesses and young people. »

Sofiane’s advise to young people seeking a diploma that combines high level of education and professional experience, is to inquire about Bachelors and Masters programmes in apprenticeship. « Even if combining the academic and professional requirements can sometimes put a lot of pressure and demands a lot work as well as organization, you can do anything with motivation ! It is very rewarding »

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