Elsa Meallares, who graduated in 2009 from Montpellier Business School, is not afraid of prejudices!

Elsa Méallarès is 30 years old and is originally from Valence (south of France). She joined Montpellier Business School in 2005 and graduated in 2009 from the Montpellier Business School Grande Ecole Master Programme majoring in management control. After graduation, she was hired by Point P in Béziers and then she joined the Altrad group where she works since 3 and a half year.

« I sometimes have difficulties to realize the progress that haveI made. Already 6 years since I left Montpellier Business School and already 6 years of experience in the field of management control in the industrial sector, in this beautiful region. Videos edited by first year Master students about the job of a management controller which have been posted on Facebook have made me laugh ... Yes, a management controller is still a little scary ... but it only is a prejudice (laughs ...). At the time, I had the same thoughts as them ... and that's perhaps why I chose to do a complementary specialization related to information systems. My studies and all my internship experiences as well as my apprenticeship at IBM have been a real springboard for my insertion after graduation. I chose to work in the building sector because I liked the brand and the mission. Since three years, I joined the building material leader when others are dreaming to work in the cosmetics or fashion industry! »

« I had never seen my CV that way ! Yes, I not only work in a sector known as being for men but I also have a job which is primarily exerted by men. Since last January, at Altrad, I am responsible for monitoring scaffolding rental companies, for which I control the results and assess deviations from the budget and I like my job. Of course, it is not common to work in a company that sells scaffoldings ... I also take care of the communication of the group as I handle the relationship with the provider responsible for the update of our website. It is mainly the story of Mr. Mohed Altrad, our president, designated World Entrepreneur of the Year in 2015 and the incredible growth of his company that attracted me. He has an impressive personality. He is demanding, versatile and he requires the same from his employees. »

Elsa does not forget to thank her management control Professor Dr. Guylaine Loubet and wish good luck to all students.

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