Jessica Jurado young entrepreneur and graduate from Montpellier Business School came to share her experience with the students from the Start Up major

Graduated in 2015 from the Montpellier Business School Master Programme, Jessica Jurado, 24 years-old, came back to Montpellier Business School at the request of Pierre-Alain Rogel to share her experience as a young entrepreneur in Madrid, where she has launched a Crêpes Bar called Yummy Üp. As it was shared by a newly graduated student, her experience has obviously attracted students from the start up specialization.

« Only one year ago, I was admiring other entrepreneurs coming at the school and sharing with us their experience, today it is my turn and I am very honoured », says Jessica. « When Pierre-Alain Rogel contacted me, I doubted my legitimacy given my young age and lack of experience. In the end, I understood that it was especially my young profile that made him choose me because it makes me closer to the other students, they could identify themselves to me. I've had good feedbacks and many questions. I was thrilled to share with them and tell them about my experience. I've always had a strong connection with the school and it is important for me to give back. I am a living example that can you can create a business after graduation! I am not the only one in my promo. The school gives us all the necessary tools if we really want! In my case, it is when I followed the Start Up major that I decided what I wanted to do and that I was able to build a strong project from A to Z. I went through a lot of phases and also from the idea of creating a fast food type of French crêperie to a crêpe bar that stands out thanks to the quality of the products. I especially learned to be sure of my project while being able to question myself continuously and work hard! »

The Yummu Üp restaurant in Madrid in open since September. « I haven’t slept much in the recent months because everything had to be set up. But I took a step back and slowly, everything has improved. My goal is of course to be able to pass the first year of operation but whatever happens, I lived my dream. I have learned and am still learning a lot, you also gain a lot of maturity. I invite you to come and see me if you come to Madrid ».
To the question « why didn’t you settle your business in France? » Jessica replied: « Because of my origins! I'm from Spain and I wanted to live in Spain. And it was an additional challenge that I liked. I like going out of my comfort zone and I have all my life in front of me so even if I fall, I can still get up ... »

Thank you to Jessica for coming specially from Spain to share this experience and if you go to Madrid, you know where to go eat!