« You still have a lot of opportunities with a Bachelor’s degree! » Nicolas, Montpellier BS graduate, works in the IT sector in an
insurance company

After his high school diploma, Nicolas joined the Bachelor programme of Montpellier BS in 2010. Graduated in 2015, he became Business Engineer in the insurance sector in Paris at ACENSI Group.

« Starting to work right after graduating from my Bachelor’s degree was logic for me. My end-of-studies internship was an amazing experience and I liked the company, that is why I didn’t want to continue with a Master’s degree and I think it is better like this », he says. « I have always worked, particularly to finance my studies. During my 4 years at Montpellier BS, I was crew-member and then manager at McDonald's. At school, I acquired excellent management, financial accounting skills and learned to master negotiation and sales techniques that I use every day and that I could put in practice during my various internships. But it is finally in the IT insurance sector that I got it best! »

Nicolas did his end-of-studies internship in the ACENSI Group. Coached by a manager of the group, he is currently Business Engineer and has a permanent contract with the firm. « I am junior Business Engineer in the insurance department in which I manage a team of consultants. My daily tasks include, prospecting new clients, negotiating contracts until the monitoring of customer satisfaction and of course the management of my team. What I am most proud of today is that I have achieved my goals during my internship period and that I signed a permanent contract. It's motivating as a beginner that I could achieve my goals despite the huge competition in Paris (over 1000 consulting firms are competing in Paris). That is why, the qualities that I have developed in my work are primarily perseverance and a strong fighting spirit. "

Nicolas is still thinking about maybe building his own business in the future… « Becoming an entrepreneur means taking risks, but also living a great adventure, being in control and taking my own decisions. It is stimulating, no? ".

Meanwhile, Nicolas continues his work at ACENSI’s headquarter in La Défense (PARIS) with different missions and always more and more responsibilities! « The working atmosphere is great. I feel like I am working in Manhattan in the trading platforms of the Roaring Twenties. My colleagues’ average age is 29, the dynamic is crazy and everyone has the same objective which is to succeed. Competition is high even internally, but it allows us to go beyond ourselves and learn from our mistakes. This job is still little known, but really deserves to be experienced. Adrenaline is permanent and getting up in the morning with this desire, it is priceless ... »

To know more about ACENSI group : http://www.acensi.fr/en/