Innovation and management : DR Carlos Sanchez implements new teaching methods at Montpellier Business School

In the framework of his courses on innovation in the decision making process « Innovation Thinking for business » taught to second-year master students, Dr Carlos Sánchez, professor at Montpellier BS, just created two innovative modules « Lego® Serious Play » and « Frugal innovation».

Innovation specialist including social innovation, Dr. Carlos Sánchez is since 2015, a Lego Serious Play Trainer Certified by AVEA Partners. He surprised his students with a module that allows, from the window exploration bag composed of several bricks of Lego, to solve problems, develop ideas and build solutions.

« In this course, you have to listen with your eyes and think with your hands, » says Professor Carlos Sánchez. « Students do not have the right to write anything. They have to solve a problem from a bag of Lego. These are not traditional Lego bricks, they have been carefully chosen thanks to scientific research ... This practice has been used in major business schools including American ones such as Stanford, MIT and Harvard but also companies such as Airbus, Air France and Orange who have also started introducing Lego bricks in their recruitment processes and for problem solving. I decided to use it in my classes at Montpellier BS and it has much surprised my students. »

To complete this training, Dr. Carlos Sánchez created a second module on frugal innovation. « This course is based on the researches of two professors, Navi Radjou and Jaideep Prabhu, who have demonstrated the advantage in considering the resource constraints as an opportunity. Thus was the "Frugal innovation" module on how to develop innovative ideas with a minimum of resources, born. The frugal innovation module illustrates how Western companies can evolve thanks to the “less is more” principle. I also currently work on a research article which subject is, "Simplicity is the model of invention: a Frugal perspective on innovative work behavior" with Dr. Francesco Montani. By the way, I'm looking for SMEs to collaborate on this new innovative approach! »

In all his classes Dr. Carlos Sánchez, exposes the concepts and then, gives practical cases. « I discovered that this could be very destabilizing for my students to experience these two new modules. Some were really anxious at first ... and then found their way to creativity! I am very happy with their results and their ability to understand how to remain innovative in complex situations. »

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