To help its French and International student find accommodation anywhere, Montpellier Business School signed a partnership with Studapart

To make it easier for both French and International students, Montpellier Business School has just signed a partnership with the online agency Studapart, specialized in student housing in France and abroad. Sophie Fournials, Student Life Coordinator at Montpellier Business School presents to us this platform!

"Montpellier Business School accueille chaque année plus de 600 nouveaux intégrés dont la grande majorité vient de toutes les régions de France comme de l’étranger. Une année après, ils sont majoritaires à effectuer une année académique complète à l’étranger quand d’autres recherchent un stage ou un apprentissage ! Les engager à l’exercice de la mobilité est une chose, faciliter voire alléger les modalités de leur recherche véritable source de stress en est une autre ! C’est pour cela que nous avons décidé de choisir parmi l’ensemble des prestataires 2.0 sur ce secteur, un partenaire potentiel permettant à nos étudiants et à leurs familles d’optimiser au maximum leurs recherches."

« Montpellier Business School welcomes more than 600 new students every year and the majority of them come from all regions of France and from abroad. On year after joining the school, some students usually go on a full academic year abroad, when others are looking for an internship or an apprenticeship! We push them to go out of their comfort zone by going abroad but we also want to help them finding an accommodation which can be really stressful! That is why we decided to choose between all the 2.0 providers in this sector, a potential partner that would help our students and families to fully optimize their research. »

The Studapart platform includes to date 23,500 accommodations in France, which 2000 of them are in Montpellier. Partnerships already exist with Spain, Germany, Italy and England (for the last one, there are already more than 70,000 accommodations available in the country which is really promising). The goal is to continue that way in order to offer deals in all major cities and countries where our students could go at any point in their curriculum.

This platform is really comprehensive, it allows owners feature their rental offers and allows students to search for an accommodation. Studapart negociates a 5% discount with real estate agencies in France and abroad on the rental price and then issues online ads on its site. The discount is applicable only for students who make their research through the Studapart platform.

De nombreuses grandes écoles de management traitent déjà avec Studapart, Montpellier Business School est donc très heureux de ce dispositif, qui permet de pouvoir proposer une offre toujours plus importante en terme de logement, en France comme à l’étranger et à un coût attractif !"

Many management schools are already working with Studapart, Montpellier Business School is delighted to collaborate with them too, which allows to provide its students with an ever greater offer in terms of accommodation in France and abroad, and at an attractive price! "

The Studapart online platform :