The two Montpellier BS Young Entrepreneur award winners finally launched their website: Rock’n Joy!

Remember when last year, we met Marine Décot and Coralie Haas who received a 10 000€ grant from the Montpellier Business School Foundation to develop their business project. Rock’n Joy, their online retail shop which opened last week, offers a large range of products and services!

It was after her own wedding that Coralie, who graduated from the Montpellier BS Master Grande Ecole in 2013, discovered with her friend Marine a need regarding the accessory market for private events (birthdays, baptisms, weddings, baby showers ...). « We immediately decided to exploit this niche and put our idea out in a business plan. We also discussed with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Chamber of Trades and Crafts. At the same time, we have presented our application to the Montpellier Business School Foundation and we won the 2014 young entrepreneur award. A great time! Later on, we won another competition organized by the Institute of Chartered Accountants, "the CRÉACC" and have received the Woman Entrepreneur Award. Today, our online retail store is launched! We sell decorative items as well as gifts for brides or young mother, for example. The products are made in France, that are Bio and handmade by local partners. We also allow the rental of some of the items if our client is on a low budget. This is part of our eco responsible strategy. We have developed an event consulting service to help our client planning their event. We will soon start organizing events (weddings, bachelorette parties ...) to diversify our business. »

Coralie and Marine specify that the awards they won helped them gaining confidence. After creating their company in July 2015 and launching their website, they will make an appointment with their banker to expand the product offering. « Given that our business was not started yet, it was hard for banks to trust us… we had to finance the project ourselves. It is thanks the Montpellier BS Young Entrepreneur award that we could create our site. It was also a great tool to communicate and it brought us a lot of visibility. A big thank you to you all! ». Those two entrepreneur have one advice: « Dare to speak about your ideas with people around you! At the C.C.I, in Montpellier BS ... there are competent people who can help you! And do as we did : participate to challenges and contests! Beyond the financial aspect, you will get used to pitch your business idea, you will get some feedback from others and so you will learn from your mistakes. »

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