Fabien Marc, Montpellier Business School graduate, explains how his spa « Massage Concept Paris » got ranked no 1 on TripAdvisor!

Fabien Marc, 31 years-old, graduated from Montpellier BS in 2008 and is a young entrepreneur in the wellness sector. We had already met him in 2013. We just discovered that his spa is ranked n°1 on TripAdvisor, an information that we had to share.

During my studies at Montpellier BS, Fabien chose the « Small Business » major because being an entrepreneur has always been his goal.

« I built my concept based on a differentiation strategy. Most spas have chosen either an entry level price positioning (massages at 35€/hour) or a high end positioning (over 90 €/hour). My strategy was to offer a mid-range massage service that far outweighs the competition. My team of 30 professionals from around the world, currently carries more than 1,000 treatments per month. We chose 11 different styles of massages (Swedish, Californian, Thai ... and even for pregnant women) for the Parisians to discover our wide expertise! We are dedicated to ensure that our client trust us, feel happy and respected. I am really proud of our grade and ranking on TripAdvisor which is the result of hard work. Never underestimate the impact of customer reviews on such visible websites. When we moved into the top 3 in June, we experienced a 60% increase in sales. The member of my team give their maximum every day to bring the "Wow effect" and believe me, to be graded 5 out of 5 on the price-quality ratio is just amazing! »

Fabien is a happy entrepreneur who has great memories about his years studying at Montpellier BS.

I have a message to all the students: « If you want to, get started in creating your business from the start of your specialization in the second year of Master, eventough it is a lot of effort and sacrifices. Creating a business does not necessarily mean that you need to be a millionaire! I personally invested 15,000€. The first three years of operation are hard, I will not hide it from you. At first I was working from 9h to 21h, 7 days 7, in addition to my entrepreneurial responsibilities! It is a sacrifice and I could get a reasonable salary only from the third year only. Today my business is valued at one million euros and I can manage timetable so that I can focus all my energy on development opportunities. Many of my school colleagues have a lot of pressure and are not necessarily very fulfilled in their job. The business world can also be a lot of stress ... Being an entrepreneur means total freedom, it is priceless. »

Don’t forget to go on the website : http://www.massage-concept.fr