Frédéric Salles, CEO of the successful company Matooma, came to coach the students from Montpellier BS

Matooma is a trendy company! Created in 2012 by Frédéric Salles, IT engineer, it is growing quickly. The reason is that the Machine to Machine concept (M2M) is really successful! The goal of its activity is to help connected technologies becoming independent and interconnected without human intervention. After only 3 years of operation, Matooma has now 1,200 B to B customers and more than 30 employees ... Frédéric back made an intervention in front of our second-year master students doing the Start Up major.

« It is not the first time that I share my experience with students from Montpellier BS », says M. Frédéric Salles. « Pierre-Alain Rogel, responsible of the Start Up major, had already invited me last December, to address the entrepreneurship theme with twenty students that had a business project. Today, I met the second-year master student doing the Start Up major! Nearly 25% of them have the ambition to launch their company as soon as they graduate ... that's a lot. With all the students we have addressed the vast theme of the creation, as well as the development of a company through very concrete issues such as financing strategies, recruitment, communication ... by keeping in mind the Business Plan and the International Development. I'm glad that I could share my expertise in the context of friendly, interactive and rich discussions with many interesting questions. Moreover, I was also surprised to see as many women as men! Parity is well represented at Montpellier Business School (laughs) and it is good to talk with a mixed group. »

Frédéric Salles remercie tous les étudiants de la « startu pfamily » et prodigue à tous les autres ses précieux conseils. « A tous les étudiants qui voudraient monter leur propre business un jour ou l’autre : osez le faire sous condition que vous ayez un concept prometteur ou un projet novateur ! Prenez aussi le temps de murir vos idées avant de vous lancer. Et puis lancez-vous ! Il ne faut surtout pas avoir peur, ou se décourager à la première difficulté, il y a toujours des hauts et des bas lorsque l’on est entrepreneur, et les hauts peuvent être très hauts, et les bas très bas (rires). L’important c’est d’y croire, de se ressaisir et au final, de remonter ».

Frédéric Salles wants to thank the students of the « startup family » and shares with all the other students his valuable advice: « To all students who want to start their own business one day or another: dare to do it if you have a promising concept or an innovative project! Also, take time to mature your ideas before you start. And then do it! It is important not to be afraid or discouraged at the first hurdle, there are always ups and downs when you are entrepreneur. The most important thing is to believe in the project, understand what didn’t work and go back on track ».

Frédéric Salles created Matooma when he was 37 years-old after being employee in a company for many years. Montpellier BS would like to thank him for his intervention and greets all the graduates currently working in this company.