BADGE Programme Volkswagen : interview with M. Benoit Sys, HR Director of Volkswagen Group France

Human Resources Director of Volkswagen Group France, Benoît Sys was part of the jury during the dissertation defence of the 3rd promotion of BADGE Volkswagen at Montpellier Business School. This is the opportunity to discuss about this program.

Originally, what was your goal when you launched the BADGE program (Aptitude Assessment Issued by the Conference des Grandes Ecoles) for your dealers?

« Initially, we launched the Volkswagen BADGE programme to ensure our dealers a common set of skills and knowledge. In our network of independent dealers, we often find profiles of entrepreneurs and disparate CEOs of whom we do not necessarily know the level of education. In a concern of homogeneity, we wanted to give all these people the same knowledge. It is therefore a long term vision that we adopted. »

Why did you choose to trust Montpellier Business School for this task?

« Actually, the question was : What is the basic business management skills to have ? Finance, management, HR, marketing, leadership etc. From there, we addressed a tender to our partner schools and asked for a knowledge standardization program. Montpellier BS offered the most adapted frame with a programme taking into account the opinion of our dealers to avoid doing anything too academic. This was one of our requirements: offering subjects that are related to the everyday life. »

What feedback did you get for the first edition of BADGE programme?

« We got really good feedback. Our best indicator is the full involvement of those who were initially very sceptical. They said that they didn’t feel like they lost their time and that they implemented the things that they have learnt within their concession. The participants confirmed that despite the strong crisis affecting the automotive world at that time, if they could, they would do it again. »

What appeals the most to your dealers when they decide to do the BADGE programme?

« The most complicated moment is still when they have to register. The fact that they have to go "back to school" is not always attractive but it is a great opportunity for some of them. This training is fully compatible with their activity and is really effective because there is a real interaction between the participants. Creating the BADGE club is also part of future projects to implement because they are very demanding. I am very pleased that this success engages more and more participants in these trainings! »