François, second-year Master’s student at Montpellier BS in apprenticeship at Safran MBD.

Passionate about aeronautics since his childhood, François Roche has always wanted to live for his passion. That is why he started his studies in this field before joining the Montpellier BS Master Grande Ecole Programme in apprenticeship. Currently in the last year of the Master programme, he got an apprenticeship contract in the aviation sector with Safran MDB, world leader in landing and braking systems for aircraft.

« After my first year of high school, I already new what I wanted to do », he said.  « I loved mechanics and aircrafts. I joined the IMAA Cruseilles School when I was 17 to do a two-years diploma specialized in the aircraft maintenance in apprenticeship. I was very lucky to work for the business aviation company Pan Europeene Air Service in Chambery and I would like to thank Jo Danche my foreman and Bernard Guichon, CEO of the company who accepted me even though I was only 17 years old and unexperienced. During my last year, a plane was stopped from operating and I was given the task of selling the spare parts. That is how my first real experience as a seller started and that is how I wanted to continue my studies with a two-years diploma in Business in apprenticeship. That is how I became sales representative at Embraer in Paris ».

After that he pursued my studies with a DUETI (international bac +3) with six months in Mexico as an exchange student and then six months in the United States where I was responsible for Marketing Studies at Tower Aviation Management in Austin, Texas. « I then decided to join the Business School Montpellier Master programme in apprenticeship because I had a business creation idea that is why I did the Start Up specialization with Pierre-Alain Rogel ».

François is currently doing his apprenticeship at Safran MBD where he is Management System Development Manager Assistant. « I really like my job. I discovered another aspect of the company because after technology and trade, I work on the human dimension. I am fortunate to be listened to, supported and very independent in my job and I thank the whole Safran MBD team for it. But I also have a desire for short-term creation ... After five years of experience in business and management, I believe that the entrepreneurial spirit has taken over my passion for aviation even if I still love it. I will maybe one day, be able to combine the two ... » he said. « If I had to start my company, I do not think that it will be in the aviation sector but more in the transport and energy sector ».