« I will launch the first Decathlon store in Colombia! », Adrien Martinez, graduate of Montpellier BS

Adrian Martinez is a graduate of the Montpellier BS Master Grande Ecole. Former nurse, he joined the school for a 4-year programme that took him from Barranquilla for one year abroad to an apprenticeship at Decathlon, one of the partner of Montpellier BS. Today, he shares with us his happiness to have been recruited by Decathlon in Colombia to launch the first store in Bogota.

Adrien stayed the same. Known for his commitment in the school, it is with a lot of humility that he tells us his story. « I joined Montpellier BS, with an unusual background », he explains. « I did the social and sustainable project major in apprenticeship at Decathlon, who has a strong social commitment. After graduating, I refused to sign a permanent contract at Decathlon France and went to Australia with a Working Holiday Visa to work as a manager of an ice cream shop. But this experience showed me how much I was attached to the Latin culture so I decided to leave Australia to go back to Colombia ».

In Colombia, Adrien didn’t waste his time. He became professor at the university. He taught marketing and sales, which is not really surprising. He became Responsible of the International Relations for more than 8 months. « I loved this experience and it was very funny to be on the other side : not learning but teaching, » he adds. « And one day, I sent few emails to give some news to those who followed me during my apprenticeship. I wrote to Philip Cassan, Regional Director of Decathlon, giving him my vision of sport in Colombia with a mini detailed study. Eight months later, I met the Director of Decathlon Latin America and Colombia, Mr. Augusto Felix. I had no idea this was going to be the start of a new adventure! To become Operational Manager of Decathlon Colombia and launch the first store in Bogota. I started on January the 25th ».

On a day to day basis, Adrien looks for premises, prepares for the recruitment, manages the organization flow (secrity, personnel, merchandises, maintenance etc…) for a 3000 m² test store before the actual launch of 3 stores. « I thank Philippe Cassan that included me in this project. In Latin America, the accredited Master degree is a real added value especially because of its generalist courses which are a real strength and a guarantee of mastering the fundamentals ».

Adrien advises all students of Montpellier BS to live their dreams and to never forget to give back what they received. He promised that he will create a British branch for the Alumni association that he will lunch with Adrien Camenen, his friend. We will stay in touch with him to follow the creation of this shop.