Academic publishing: the Air Transport sector by Dr Paul Chiambaretto professor at Montpellier Business School

Air Transport Specialist and teacher-researcher specialized in marketing strategy at Montpellier Business School, Dr Paul Chiambaretto just published a new article in Questions Internationales (section of the French web-site La documentation Française). In addition, two of his articles will be published in the Industrial Marketing Management magazine, that shows that Dr. Chiambaretto knows well how to adapt to a general audience as well as to the most famous researchers.

« For my article that will be published in Questions Internationales, La documentation Française asked me to describe the major changes in the international air transport. The challenge is to understand what changed in the air sector: What are the trends in terms of economic model with the rise of low-cost airlines and the arrival of new players such as companies from the Gulf and Asia? But also to understand the turmoil generated by the development of countries like China and India, who’s the number of passengers increases rapidly ».

Paul Chiambaretto explains why he makes it a point to regularly publish in professional or economic journals such as Air & Cosmos, La Tribune or Questions Internationales: « The aim is to inform the students and managers about researches on the airline industry. The researchers' work are very much distributed in general, and my idea is to regularly publish articles in the economic or general press to present the most recent and relevant work on the sector. In general, I do not present my own work but the work done by researchers everywhere in the world and that I've selected in order to give a new insight on a topical issue ».

There is a big difference between the press and scientific journals and that is not a problem for Paul Chiambaretto. Indeed, two new research articles will be published in Industrial Marketing Management, a journal that usually publishes articles on strategy and on marketing. One of these articles are about the Air France alliance strategy. Co-written with Anne-Sophie Fernandez (University of Montpellier), this article is entitled "The evolution of coopetitive and collaborative alliances: The Air France case". The main objective of this article is to understand why and how companies vary their proportion of coopetition agreements (that is to say, alliances between competitors) in their portfolio of alliances by studying the specific case of Air France.

Dr Paul Chiambaretto of course share his research work with his students. Next Mai, he will teach a class on Management and Marketing of Air Transport for final year Master’s students.

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