Start of the apprenticeship seminar to define your project and build your personal branding ! With more than 260 students from Montpellier BS

Montpellier Business School is at the 1st position of Business Schools when it comes to apprenticeship, powerful lever of its equal opportunities policy. To successfully integrate and monitor more than 950 apprentices, Montpellier BS has a team of 15 HR professionals and coaches to respond very effectively to the needs of its business partners. Alongside the individual support, this team organizes annual seminars dedicated to preparing students to the research and to the signing of the contract.

Some 260 Bachelor’s and Master’s students of Montpellier BS programmes organized to participate to the three seminars specifically organized by the Apprenticeship Direction. « We have also contacted more than sixty apprenticeship student in the last year of their programme, who are working in various sectors and in various functions. Our business partners will also be here and are always willing to participate to these events to deliver real business insights, » commented Laurence Flinois , Apprenticeship Manager.

« In addition to a face to face discussion with the apprenticeship consultants, these seminars allow students to define more precisely their professional project, to project themselves on the reality of the apprenticeship market and hear the experiences of other apprenticeship students. These days allow them to participate to workshops dedicated to the pitch and personal branding, where students prepare their arguments, identify their strengths and are trained on potential objections from recruiters. 6 consultants from ADECCO group, partner of BS Montpellier, where making simulation interviews and where explaining the different recruitment methods such as group interview which students will not necessarily expect. This is a technique to master! »

« It gave us a real « power boost » ! We have refocused our tools, our methodologies. We are now ready to start since the recruitment period is traditionally from April to July, » said Guillaume currently doing an apprenticeship.

No rest planned over the coming months for the apprenticeship team of Montpellier Business School which is already preparing for the admission process dedicated to apprenticeship students.

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