Frugal Innovation taught by Mr Etienne Pesnelle, R&D, procurement and conversion Director of Renault Consulting at Montpellier BS

As part of the reconciliation needed between knowledge and reality in business, Montpellier Business School was pleased to welcome last Friday, Mr. Etienne Pesnelle from Renault Consulting in the framework of the Frugal Innovation course taught by Dr. Carlos Sanchez. The objective was to demonstrate that the ingenious capacity to do more with less, is a growth generator innovative concept which is implemented in many multinational companies including Renault. Mr. Etienne Pesnelle, for over one hour and a half, illustrated the concept of frugal innovation introduced by Renault through concrete examples including the one of Dacia.

« Frugal innovation is part of Renault's identity since many years. It is part of our DNA when it comes to production of goods and services, » he says. « We have to be innovative in order to stay competitive in the highly competitive market that is the automobile industry. Today, in a context of globalization and with the entrance of emerging countries operating at a low cost in our market, we had to rethink how we design, produce, manage our activity to be even more proactive in our development! We managed to combine performance and price with the Dacia, the Kwid, the Duster cars... These models show the tremendous work done in R & D at Renault to create vehicles from the concept of frugal innovation »

« I am very happy to come here to illustrate this concept, particularly in its "cost / value" dimension, to first year bachelor’s students. In order to be as effective as possible, I structured my lecture around 3 axes that are: Renault Technologies, new uses and new Group's working methods. At the end of my intervention, the students asked me many interesting questions and we had an interesting debate on the limits of frugality ... How far can you go and what is the optimal lever between the two variables that are the cost and quality of the product? »

« More personally, sharing my knowledge and my experience is a real pleasure. I had previously had the pleasure to talk with teachers from Montpellier BS and particularly with Dr. Cyril Foropon, operational excellence specialist at Montpellier Business School because Renault is a great example in terms of frugal innovation, and he put me in touch with the school for a plenary lecture, that completes Professor Carlos Sanchez’s Marketing class. He focuses on frugal innovation from a marketing point of view. The interconnection of subject is important and it is a good way to teach things. »

All the team of Montpellier Business School thank Mr. Pesnelle Étienne for his intervention and for the explanations he gave to our students. He will come back in May on our campus for an intervention alongside with Dr. Cyril Foropon, for our students majoring in Supply Chain, in order to address the theme of frugal innovation and interact with our students.

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