Mrs. The Rector present at Montpellier BS for the final of the Teknik Challenge and the 6th edition of l’Odyssée de la Diversité

The aim of the event les Cordées de la Réussite is to promote access to higher education for young people from all backgrounds and socio-cultural environment, giving them the keys to successfully engage in high quality studies. Today, more than 375 Cordées de la Réussite are organized across the country. Montpellier Business School is part of it and it is supervised by the Rector of the Academy and organizes this Friday, the 1st of April the 6th Odyssée de la Diversité. That day, the awards of the Teknik Challenge will be given to reward the best technical creations of secondary school pupils by a jury composed of the Rector Armande Le Pellec Muller, Clare Hart (FACE Hérault), and Didier Jourdan, Director of Montpellier BS.

Nearly 400 secondary school pupils from 18 partner schools of les Cordées de la Réussite will participate to both events that are hosted by Montpellier Business School.

« All the Montpellier BS teams are mobilized around this big operation », says Benjamin Ferran, project manager and head of social openness at Montpellier BS. « This event that mixes pupils, teachers, staff, professors and students of Montpellier BS can inform the secondary school pupils about the existence of high quality studies. This day is part of our mission to promote diversity and equal opportunities! These are our values! For this 6th edition, we have the honour to host the final of the " Teknik Challenge", for the first time in France! More than 16 institutions participate to the challenge and allows groups of high school students to defend projects related to Aerospace, Energy, Computer and Electricity on which they worked! »

The 115 high school students will present in the morning in front of a prestigious jury, to assess the relevance of their projects. An awards will reward the best one.

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