Pascal Krupka, Director of New Programmes development presents the new MSc in Marketing developed by Montpellier BS and accredited by the Grande Ecoles conference!

In the digital era, marketing functions are changing. After an expansion of the function in the areas of quality, development, innovation and strategy, they quickly evolved to monitoring activities, co-creation, data mining and open innovation. Marketing executives’ profiles evolve and require more agility combined with a wider skill base, readapted to the needs of recruiters and corporate requirements. It is based on these elements that Montpellier Business School’s professors worked on the philosophy, the content and future opportunities of this new MSc in Marketing which will receive its first promotion in September 2016!

Interview with Pascal Krupka, Director of New Programmes development

« Since many years, Montpellier Business School has developed training programmes that meets the needs of the recruiters and markets. The new MSc in Marketing aims to develop the skills expected in collaborative and global marketing by all companies that are currently building, in an innovative and constantly changing environment, more and more brand loyalty. They also develop their products and services in new markets and use new distribution channels including digital platforms », says Pascal Krupka. « With this programme, the French and International students recruited, will have a holistic marketing expertise associated with the development of an innovative and entrepreneurial spirit (or intrepreneurship). Without forgeting specific skills in branding, digital marketing, social impact and development of new products or services associated with the adaptation skills necessary in a multicultural environment. They will then focus on different sectors such as luxury goods and fashion, food and more specifically wine Marketing. Finally, they can get the support of the great network of business partners of Montpellier Business School but also its graduates to make an internship in France or abroad. The range of recruiters is wide: big groups, SMEs or small start ups which are able to offer many great opportunities and responsibilities to young graduates.»

Montpellier Business School continues its development by building on solid foundations. Its Master Programme which is ranked in the top 50 is already well established and the development of MSc programmes is here to develop the school.

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