The formidable fate of a child of the DDASS who became CEO! Patrick Bourdet, President of Areva Med hosts a conference in Montpellier BS

The author of the book « Rien est joué d’avance » (nothing is decided in advance) will make, on Thursday the 7th of April, an intervention called: "From manager to leader: what actions for what results? ". Held in Montpellier, this conference will take place on the campus of SupAgro (in the morning) and on the campus of Montpellier BS in theevening from 6:30pm in the big amphitheatre, in front of an audience composed of final year student and entrepreneurs from the region.

The conference organized in partnership with FACE Hérault, SupAgro and the Professional Chamber Council, focuses on three key issues that are managerial innovation, entrepreneurship and the rejection of social determinism. His goal is to share with a wide audience his vision of advance businesses, stimulate entrepreneurial vocations and support entrepreneurs excluded from traditional support.

Patrick Bourdet is a symbol himself. For him, « anything is possible, even if it's difficult. » Leadership and creative performance specialist, he wanted to enlighten and inspire a wide audience in the light of his conference. He was a child from the DDASS and now leader of a large international group and a recognized player in the world of nuclear medicine. « My success is not to have become CEO, but is to never have given up, have continued to learn and build myself despite adversity », he says in his interviews.

As part of his professional career in France and the US, he will certainly also have an opportunity to tell us about the creation of Areva subsidiary specialized in the fight against cancer and present the award of "Entrepreneur Hérault" rewarding a deserving project leader.

Montpellier Business School would like to thank the organizers for choosing our school to hold the conference done by a man that has values that undoubtedly impresses. Especially because of his strength and humility.