A little nostalgia a few days before the end of the 3rd promotion of the BADGE Volkswagen France programme by Montpellier BS!

14 participants of the 3rd promo of the Montpellier BS BADGE Strategic Management Volkswagen France recently did their oral defense. In front of them, a jury composed of Benoît Sys, Human Resources Director, Philippe Millot, Head of the Training and HR Networks department and Bournonville Karim, Director of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles France. A few minutes after their defense, two candidate tell us how it went.

Mrs Edith Vulsteke, 38 years old, administrative and financial manager and director of Saint Maximin Automobiles (Skoda and Seat Cars concessions belonging to the CB group):

« The BADGE programme attracted me because I needed to open up to other management methods. It is initially a personal approach. I saw this training as a validation of my experiences because I was already director since 2 years. Now my experience is confirmed by the training. Initially, I had a degree in accountancy and this has allowed me to acquire skills in human resources, marketing, management etc. I will keep a lot of memories from this training but especially mutual assistance among all participants because we are all colleagues in the same sector. There was a nice spirit. With all the courses and cases, I have acquired a real expertise but also more self-confidence. I was well prepared for this defense and I thank the President for his help and support. I was a little stressed during the first minutes of my defense but the jury was very nice. It will remain a great memory. »

Sales Director for Genin Group, Stéphane Martin, 45, is in charge of 5 Volkswagen concessions located in the departments of Drome and Ardeche:

« Self-made men, I’m in the automobile sector since 1990. I heard very positive feedback from the first promo of the BADGE Volkswagen programme and I wanted to challenge myself to see if I had sufficient knowledge regarding the environmental aspect of a company. During the training, we discussed all issues concerning the management of a company. Everything that was said made sense. Overall I am very pleased about the openness it brought me. I have a clearer view of my work now. I spent two fantastic years with my promotion and I feel nostalgic about finishing this adventure. We formed a good group and the course rhythm (2 to 3 days every month and a half) did not stop us from doing our work. I wrote a thesis on "the integration of the younger generation and the late career of seniors." This is a subject that I had in mind before the start of the training which only confirmed my desire and my approach ».