From building materials to medical supplies, Pierre enjoys his apprenticeship at Stryker!

Originally from Saint-Affrique (Aveyron), Pierre Coutarel, 20 years-old, did a two-years diploma in Business in apprenticeship at Point P in Béziers. That is how he gained experience in B to B and B to C selling. He joined the Montpellier Business School Master programme through the entrance process dedicated to apprenticeship students and does his apprenticeship at Stryker!

Pierre Coutarel heard about the entrance process dedicated to apprenticeship students by chance. « I heard about it at the very last minute but as I really enjoyed doing my studies in apprenticeship, I applied immediately. Especially because I allowed me to do a Master’s degree », he explains. « The written and oral exams went very well and I have been accepted. But I have some advices for future students. Be prepared! Especially for the synthesis. Open your mind to the news and practice your English! For the oral exam, just be yourself. Finally, don’t forget that you will have to find a 3 years apprenticeship contract! And that’s not easy… I didn’t give up and I finally have been hired at Stryker as Field Sales person ».

Stryker est une entreprise américaine implantée à Lyon qui fabrique des dispositifs médicaux à destination des hôpitaux et des cliniques. Pierre intervient en support technique des commerciaux de la zone Sud qui va de Bordeaux à Monaco en restant en dessous de Lyon. Il travaille pour la division endoscopie et assiste de temps en temps à des opérations chirurgicales au bloc pour pouvoir répondre aux questions des chirurgiens durant les essais. « C’est un domaine hyper technique », précise-t-il. « C’est la première année où Stryker prend des alternants et c’est une découverte pour eux aussi. On est cinq alternants en tout en France et ça va se développer dans les années à venir car ils en sont très satisfaits. Mais c’est quand même drôle de passer du matériel de construction au matériel médical (rires)... Heureusement ça se passe très bien ! »

Stryker is an American company based in Lyon, which manufactures medical devices to hospitals and clinics. Pierre assists the South area Sales Manager from Bordeaux to Monaco. He works for the endoscopy division and occasionally assists to surgical operations in order to answer questions from surgeons who are testing. « It's a very technical field », he said. « This is the first year where Stryker takes an apprenticeship students and it is a discovery for them too. There are five apprenticeship students in France and there are more to come in the next years because they are very satisfied. But it's still funny to shift from construction materials to medical supplies (laughs) ... Fortunately it is going very well! »