Ovation for the Admiral Olivier Lajous at Montpellier Business School!

It started with a video: pictures of the sea, the heavy swell, a pitching ship, key messages that reflect values and strength! The admiral is accustomed to making conferences at Montpellier Business School and is always eager to meet and share with students. Author of three books « L’Art de diriger », « L’Art du temps », « L’Art de l’équilibre », he did an intervention filled with humour, love and philosophy in front of a captivated audience who gave him a standing ovation at the end!

At the beginning of the conference, the auditorium is full and it is time to fully listen what he is saying: « We are human only through the eyes of others ». From the « social contract » of Schopenhauer, the Admiral continued with the Hedgehog's dilemma, a theory showing how Hedgehogs are able to find the right distance and the courtesy to live together. For Olivier Lajous, former HR Director of the Navy, managers do not control. « Whenever you oppose to something, you are making a mistake! Whenever you make concessions, you succeed. We manage during the preparation and control during the action. That’s how we manage. »

Each of his examples are illustrated by a quote from visionary people like Gérard Mulliez, funder of Auchan Group: « A successful team is not one that brings together champions but one that is consistent and sincere, with solidarity and freedom ». Or one from Abraham Lincoln, President of the United States from 1861 to 1865: « You cannot build character and courage by taking away people's initiative and independence ». A quote that reinforces his mantra on solidarity: « All organizations are human chains. There are no upper or lower functions. A company needs its employees as much as its managers … Do not put people into boxes! Have the vision of the whole chain because each position counts and any organization builds it strength with its weakest link also. And the higher you are in the hierarchy, the more you must love your team ».

Of course, he discussed the commitment and constant questioning you need to effectively build yourself in a world that is not binary, but naturally messy. « To be happy, we must know why we are here and why we do what we do », he adds. With the new generation who does not want to sacrifice its personal life, he agrees. « Nobody will ever blame you to dare ! The beauty of your scares will make your humanity, they are your humanity! »  He also wore them about the on-humanization and recalls that 85% of companies would be greatly enhanced by better connecting the generations. In an on-time immediacy, companies today face two major challenges: the transmission of knowledge and the development of skills.

But the admiral's intervention would not have been complete without the passage on « the admiral balls » describing the strength of leadership and how to associate each person to achieve the goals by each case and allowing it to be the main actor of his professional life. Thus the social ladder starts. The admiral concludes with a key phrase « I am what I am because of what WE are » and he recalls that « liberated » companies master the US and I, two major elements that have to be coordinated with competence, independence and direction but also freedom, responsibility and solidarity.

Thank you to the Admiral and see you soon for « L‘Art de l’équilibre ». You are at home at Montpellier BS!