Bachelor student at Montpellier BS and already entrepreneur: Romain launches YourTop, a new social network promoting culture

Currently in the final year of the Bachelor programme, Romain Jacob will join, next September, the Master programme of Montpellier BS. The 21 years old student have always wanted to start his own business, his idea was to create a new social network called YourTop. In order to launch his business, pay the servers, the IT security and data protection system, he set up a crowdfunding operation on Ulule and has already raised more than 4,000 euros with an objective of 5,000 euros.

« I came up with this idea last year », he explains. « In public transportation, I was always seeing people looking at their smartphones. That is how I thought about creating a social network promoting all forms of culture ».

« It is different from the existing social networks… the app will be free and available on IOS and Android in September, » says Romain. « The idea is that everyone can promote, share and grade any kind of cultural activity. Then, the network will identify the tastes of the users through the social networks they already use. We want to put culture into an app. Of course, it is very broad so at the beginning, there will be a big data base and we want the users to create new trends and rankings. For example, if I just read a little known book, which is not yet graded. I can reference it myself by grading it from 0 to 10 ».

« Another example: What horror film can I watch tonight? With YourTop, all rankings are available quickly. The app will reference all the cultural and leisure activities like museum, theatre, cinema, music, but also video games, restaurants etc.  We want the app to be emotionally intelligent, identifying future trends and therefore, helping companies target the right audience. YourTop will be used by 200 beta testers on Android until September and will be translated in English and Spanish ».

Romain is motivated and believes in his project. A project that requires a lot of personal investment but that he can combine with his studies at Montpellier BS. « Of course, it is possible to study and be an entrepreneur », he says. « This represents a lot of work but it doesn’t matter if I have to sacrifice my free time because that's what I always wanted to do. It also allows me to practice what I learn in class. In fact, I even participated to the Innov'Agro 2015 contest and my team made of students from Montpellier BS, Epitech and Sup'Agro win the contest. I was already working on YourTop for 2 or 3 months and I thought it would help me to gain experience especially in communication with the engineers and coders. »

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