Mallaury, student from Montpellier BS, tells us about her first year of Bachelor and gives advices to future candidates

After doing her schooling in Carcassonne, Mallaury Franc, 19 years-old, is one of the 180 students who have joined the Bachelor of International Business Administration programme (BIBA) of Montpellier BS this year. With a strong international orientation, which the aim is to train the future manager the best way, by providing them transferable skills, the programme leads to a Bachelor degree. The student has kindly agreed to share with us the highlights of her first year at Montpellier BS and her memories about the written and oral entrance exams!

« I loved my first year at Montpellier BS! » Mallaury begins. « Of course, no one can avoid the stress of the week before the exam (laughs) but we have a lot of team work and it forces us to study and build our team working skills at the same time! I also joined a student association, Living In Montpellier, which helped me to open myself to others. I am vice-treasurer and we also launched a new application. It requires a lot of investment but it's great when you see the results, and it is very rewarding on a CV! »

« Even before joining the school I wanted to enter a Business School », she says. « My advice is to visit forums because that is how I met students from Montpellier BS who gave me some advices! After that, I sent my application to Montpellier BS and then I did my oral exam. Above all, don’t be afraid because the jury will put you at ease. »

« I would like to tell future candidates to try to manage their stress. Personally, when I was in high school I managed it through dance. It allowed me to channel myself, to be more independent and to gain self-confidence. Extracurricular activities are very important, it makes you evolve. I encourage you to practice any kind of activity outside school because it can only be beneficial to you », she adds.

After her second semester exams, she will do a 2 or 3 months internship starting in May in the banking / finance sector according to her wishes. This will be her first internship and she wants to gain work experience that will be beneficial for her future career.

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