« Digitalization is key at Volkswagen! » By Nicolas Guyonnet, 2011 graduate from Montpellier BS and District Manager of the group

Every year, the Montpellier BS Alumni association organizes a DI Day, the opportunity for the graduate students to come back to the school in order to share their experience with the students. Among the 160 graduate students attending the 2016 edition, we met Nicolas Guyonnet, District Manager at Volkswagen Group France.

Before resuming his studies at Montpellier BS and obtaining his Master’s degree, he was sales consultant in an Audi/Volkswagen concession during 4 years. One month before graduation, Nicolas signed for a Service Advisor position at Volkswagen Group France « I had a good network in the company because of my previous experience. Indeed, in my experience as a sales consultant, I had the opportunity to launch the Skoda brand in Béziers and to prove myself. »

At 34 years old, Nicolas now totals more than 8 years of professional experience at Volkswagen and is District Manager since 3 years. But the real reason for his presence during the DI Day concerned the presentation of a topical theme: « The impact of digitalization in companies ».  During his panel discussion with fifty people, he was able to present the evolution of the digital era and its issues through the Volkswagen example and other multinational companies.

« With the Uberisation, digitalization became trendy but also something essential in the company », he explains. « We discussed the importance for companies to digitize in order meet customer’s needs. Named "DIGIT'ALL" Volkswagen R&D platform related to digital issues enables significant progress in this area. In recent years, we have worked to digitize our after-sales service. Two years ago, for example, we started making online appointments for the revision of vehicles. We were working on a mobile application that allows making this appointment in addition to many other features, such as enabling our customers to be directed to the nearest concession via geolocation and giving them the price of a given service. And it works really well! Currently, we are reshaping the customer journey through the net: the aim is to capture more customers and generate traffic in our concessions. It is important to be transparent with our customers so that they have the ability to have maximum information on our range of products with a "comprehensive offer". All this being presented at our concessions to generate leads and thus new sales opportunities. The project is currently in a pilot phase and will be launched in a few months ».

Lastly, Nicolas wanted to share his enthousiasm regarding the DI DAY. « I was delighted to participate. This type of exchange is interesting and rewarding because it helps to give our experience, to share knowledge and exchange with the students. I met some colleagues and students with whom I went to school six years ago ... Quite a shock! Now, my goal is to continue to grow within the Volkswagen Group. We frequently have career opportunities. It's great because there is no routine and we have no time to get bored (laughs) ».

See you next year, Nicolas, for the DI DAY 2017. It will be the opportunity to follow his evolution inside the Volkswagen Group, partner of Montpellier BS.