From the Silicon Valley to Montpellier BS! Bertrand Nocella, 2004 graduate and Program Manager at Google, came to share his knowledge with students majoring in Negotiation and Sales

Some 30 speakers came to Montpellier Business School the week of April 11 to teach, share their experience and give advices to second year master’s student. We attended the conference, in front of students majoring in Sales and Negotiation to meet Bertrand Nocella, 2004 graduate, currently working at Google in California. We had already interviewed him last year in order for him to tell us about his amazing career. Today, he comes back on the teachings he gave to our students.

« What a pleasure to come back here! », says Bertrand who came from the Silicon Valley to give a conference to students majoring in Sales and Negotiation. « I did the Business in Digital environment certification when I was following the Sales and Negotiation major in 2004. Time goes fast… I realize that it is been 10 years that I work at Google! I was lucky to go through very progressive positions such as Inside Sales Representative, Vendor Operations and Vendor Lead Sales Manager. Since one year, I am Regional Program Manager for Google Fiber which is the Access Branch of the Alphabet Group – Google. We work on a very wide range of projects including the construction of an Internet network infrastructure in the United States using optic fiber. We believe that these projects will have a strong impact on our society, our businesses and our communities. I am very excited by the opportunity to offer an abundant connectivity, and the ability that we have to transform the way users know the web ».

« I came this week to teach Google’s philosophy, as well as key principles of online communication strategy, along with sales and management techniques. We also studied dynamically how Google AdWords functions, by incorporating improvisation, concrete examples and real-time simulations ... I showed them how to create an advertising support in the most optimal way possible and then I showed them how to attract people on a website. It was important for me to share my knowledge on Google AdWords with Montpellier BS students because it is an essential tool in the advertising and communication world that can help them make a difference in future interviews », explains Bertrand Nocella.

How to succeed at Google? Bertrand gives his last advices. « Start by focusing on your studies. We sometimes think that theory is not important and that only experience is valued ... but drawing parallels between theory and practice allows to better understand the business environment as a whole. Be ambitious and give yourself the means to succeed. The speakers come to meet students to allow this openness and this connection with the real world, the world of business! Once in a company, inspire yourself with one of the major principles of Google: "Focus on the user and all else will follow". Finally, I would tell you to persevere in your goals and always believe in your ideas ».

Before flying back to San Francisco, Bertrand added: « This is the second year I come here as a speaker. What attracts me in teaching is to help students to achieve and realize their potential. That's why I came back to France this week and I will not hesitate to repeat the experience next year! »

A huge thank you to Mr. Bertrand Nocella for his time, his testimony and for sharing his knowledge with our students doing the Business in Digital environment certification.