Lucas, first year Master’s student at Montpellier BS, tells us about the best moments of his exchange year in Peru

The first year of Master’s in the Montpellier BS Master Grande Ecole Programme is a compulsory year abroad which allows our students to tackle international experience. Canada, China, Mexico, England ... There are more than 400 students each year who are studying abroad in one of our 150 partner universities! We interviewed Lucas Dubessy, 22 years old, who is studying at ESAN University in Lima, Peru, since July 2015.

How is this exchange year in Perou going?

First I chose a school offering a double degree in administration and marketing. I chose to study at ESAN for its recognition because it is a renowned AACSB school so I thought I would meet interesting and passionate teachers. And I'm not disappointed! Nevertheless, it's a lot of work with projects and courses including lectures, group work etc ... But that's no surprise. The double degree is demanding but we have an amazing time also.

Can you tell us about your best moments since you are in Lima?

Doing an exchange is a great way to travel! We had more than 3 months of vacation between December and February, which allowed me to make beautiful trips. With friends, we visited Rio de Janeiro, in Brazil and its famous carnival! In Peru, we made a road trip of over 2000 km between Trujillo, where we visited historical temples and Ica! In addition to the trips, you also meet amazing people. In Lima I live in a shared flat with 3 international students, one Dutch and two Mexicans. It's perfect to practice Spanish! Otherwise, I give French lessons there and I even created a Facebook page. That way, students can contact me to take French lessons with me and I already have 3 students yet!

Why did you choose this country?

First, because mastering a third language is a considerable advantage on the labor market. I also wanted to choose a country where I had everything to learn because I knew nothing about Peru! I discovered that it was another way of life, the most obvious being the relationship to time: no one ever arrives on time here (laughs). Family relationships are also different because here, young people live with their parents up to 30 years old and ask their permission to go out up to 22 years old! But it's very open, Peruvians are smiling and always willing to help! They are proud of their country and they want you to discover it.

Are you planning on staying in South America for the internship year, next year?

I’m think about it ... Peru is a country with a dynamic economic growth (3.5% in 2015) and a middle class that continues to emerge. Companies are beginning to develop, particularly in the Retail sector, at least in Lima. I am likely to find good business opportunities here. Anyway, during my internship year I will refine my professional project, in the trading or marketing department of a large group preferably because I did my first internship in a start-up so I would like to work in a larger group to see the difference. We'll see if I go back to France so "wait and see".