Bachelor student at Montpellier BS, Lucie tells us about her exchange at the University of Bradford

Lucie is one of the students who chose to go abroad in one of the 50 partner universities of the Montpellier BS Bachelor of International Business Administration Programme. At 22, this student in the final year of Bachelor decided to do an exchange in Bradford, England, in order to improve her English and because of the prestige of the university, which is one of the top 15 best British universities.

« It was my goal to go to England so I did not hesitate one second when the opportunity came across », she says. « The double degree is of course very demanding, the British pedagogy is different but I managed to adapt easily! Once you understand the language, everything goes well. I had actually decided to spend two months in London during the summer in order to assimilate the culture before arriving to Bradford but it was still challenging when I went there in September… Because it is hard to understand native English speakers at the beginning. But after 9 months of conversation in English, I improved! It is also thanks to my flatmates as we are twelve people from all over the world (Asia, England, Romania, Estonia ...). I did the choice not to live with French people to force myself to speak in English. »

She didn’t only improve her English but living abroad also allowed her to live unforgettable experiences. She explains that British universities offer a wide range of sports and she joined an association to practice fencing and street dance! The University of Bradford also organizes trips to travel in the UK and Lucie had the opportunity to go to Liverpool or York. « These are great memories. I will never forget those moments and even if at the moment I'm focused on my exams, I intend to devote one month to travel », she says.

To conclude, she said: « I finish my year at Bradford and I will graduate from the University of Bradford in July, if everything goes well! I will then look for a seasonal job near Toulouse which will allow me to see my friends and my family before pursuing a Master in apprenticeship at Montpellier BS! »

While waiting to return to France, Lucie has already been approached by a journalist from the newspaper La Dépêche to promote the department where she is originally from, the Lot. The article shows that it is possible for students from Cahors and its surroundings to do a year abroad as Lucia did, she is cited as an example! In this interview, she gives her opinion on how she perceives her department and it aims at encouraging students from the Lot to choose the same path as her.

A big thank you to Lucie for that interview and all the best in England!