From Cartagena to Montpellier! Venancio, Spanish student and future economics professor, tells us about his exchange semester at Montpellier BS

Venancio Martinez Esparza is 20 years old and comes from Cartagena, a small town in the southeast of Spain. He is currently on his second semester in the second year of the Montpellier BS Master Grande Ecole programme after doing his first semester at the Universidad Politecnical of Cartagena. Let’s go back on his first weeks with us.

For what reason did you come to France for one semester?

« I have already had the opportunity to travel to France and it is a country that I like very much. Montpellier is also a human sized and cultural city which made me want to spend time there! I came to study in France to discover other subjects, another way to teach economics, to open up myself and of course, to improve my French speaking skills. I already have a good level but I have a strong Spanish accent and a few reading difficulties when it comes to complex sentences ».

Why did you choose Montpellier BS?

« I had the choice between Montpellier BS and other schools and universities located in Lyon, Brussels or Paris. Doing an Erasmus in a Business School is a great opportunity! I not only study in a good school but in addition, I practice French and English! The courses offered by the school attracted me also. I follow subjects such as "financial management", "information systems management", "global performance" and " French Culture and society". I'm used to having classes in two languages because in my university, the subjects are taught in English and before, I was in a French public school in Spain where I studied French Literature and History ».

How do you feel now at Montpellier BS?

« In Spain, the professors are serious all the time. Here, there are professors that are funny and close to their students like Professor Beverly LELIGOIS and her fun way to transmit knowledge! In class, we often work in group and it allows me to get to know all the students in my class. It's enriching. »

What is your career goal?

« I want to teach economics! But for that, I'll have to finish my Master and I still have two years before I graduate ... Meanwhile, I am still trying to work in business during the summer to gain experience in the field of economy. »

From August onward, four of our Master’s student: Jennifer, Mallaurie, Mehdi and Clement will go, spend one exchange year at the Polytechnical University of Cartagena. We wish them to live an experience as beautiful as Venancio’s in Montpellier.