“An entrepreneur is a leader!”, students following the Start’Up specialization trained by members of the French Navy.

The Toulon arsenal hosted yesterday and today, 68 second-year Master students of Montpellier BS that currently follow the Start’Up specialization course. They were able to benefit from the expertise of the Navy in terms of leadership through a varied programme from the physical preparation stage to the visit of the Charles De Gaulle aircraft carrier. Not to mention several conferences including that of Admiral Bernard Rogel, Chief of Staff of the Navy.

Director of Montpellier Business School’s Entrepreneurship Centre and manager of the Start’Up specialization course, Pierre-Alain Rogel is at the origin of this exclusive leadership workshop that led the students to the Toulon Arsenal. During two days, the 68 students had a really special programme which they will remember. "There was a conference by Johan Ruisi, Montpellier BS graduate and business owner, one by Nicolas Stoeckel, CEO of Akina Strategy, and the conference of the Admiral Rogel, which is exclusive for the school. Another privilege was that we were able to have lunch and have a tour in the Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier. Finally, the practical training they had was surprising (aquatic trail, carrying an injured comrade ...). It is in this context that the army detects and trains to leadership. "

But why have you organized such a workshop? "An entrepreneur is a leader! "He says."I wanted to address the topic of leadership in the Start'Up specialization course and I knew that the Navy has extensive expertise in this area. Last year we did a first workshop that lasted only one day ... The success was such that we decided to extend it to two days! " "There are 39100 men in the Navy so it's like a big company and the leadership applied is not far for the one used in companies," said Pierre-Alain Rogel."There are common things. Moreover, some students who participated to the workshop last year told me that they applied what they had learnt at work.”

“In the Navy, there are many job positions and they are defined within a strict framework, there is a strong discipline, an important respect to the hierarchy and a level of requirement that is higher than what can be found in many private companies ".