How to manage effectively and take into account the digital changes in your business? Mr. Jerick Develle, Marketing, Innovation and Communication Director of Adecco France Group shared his thoughts with us.

Montpellier Business School hosted on May the 11th, Mr. Jerick Develle, Marketing, Innovation and Communication Director of Adecco Group France, one of Montpellier BS’ great partner. He gave a conference about the gap between Digitalization and Management, and discussed the major trends and managerial innovation to be adopted in businesses.

At the beginning of his speech, Mr. Develle clearly stated: "Digitalization changes work procedures and business managers must adapt to this change, the aim being to make millennials and the more traditional generation work together. More and more companies have difficulties filling their vacancies, and only those who manage to make both generation work together will have a future. Indeed, we find that 60% of tomorrow's jobs do not exist yet... Scrum masters, roboticists and Data Scientists are jobs related to the new organization of businesses! "

Even thought some companies do not take the right technological shift, Mr. Develle demonstrates the importance of giving meaning to the technological breakthrough. "Many companies today have the project to take the digital shift but do not know how to manage it," he continues. "Giving meaning to the employees’ work enhance their commitment and motivation, we have to guide them." To give examples of technological breakthroughs that have revolutionized our economy and changed our habits, Mr. Develle cites IBM in the 80s who created the "Deep Blue" machine, able to beat the world chess champion of that time, Garry Kasparov. This tool became Watson, IBM's flagship product in terms of artificial intelligence.

So how to manage effectively and become a leader? "Today, a manager must master the technological tools and be trained in this new way of communicating. We commonly talk about digital good sense to step back against the influx of information while using the full potential of these tools. That is why, when you join a company, feel free to bring your expertise to more traditional collaborators. Offer to share your experience, for example as regards to the safety of social networks, important theme that will let you make the difference! Because what really matters today is not the hierarchical status but the ability to create content. This is what gives influence in business! "So he suggests serendipity as one of the essential qualities to be considered for a manager, because the important thing is to experiment. Anticipating things is not enough. "Remember that digital tools do not replace humans ... a good manager will always have to be close to his team, congratulate his employees in order to provide feedback and contribute to the work! "

Thank to Mr. Develle for this exciting conference that inspired and gave a broad view to the entire audience of Montpellier Business School.