Dr. Julien Granata, research professor at Montpellier BS, among the 4 finalists of the 8th Academic Prize for Research in Management

On April the 14th, in Paris, a conference organized by the French association of consultants "Consult In France" in partnership with the FNEGE awarded the Academic Prize for Research in Management on the theme of innovation and major trends of management in 2016. Dr. Julien Granata, research professor in strategy at Montpellier Business School, who released his first book last year, was nominated for this award.

Julien Granata teaches the "Coopetition and alliance manager" course for second year Master’s students at Montpellier BS. But along with his courses and related activities in research, the professor and author released his first book entitled "Coopetition: ally with your competitors to win ", with Professor Pierre Marques. This work allowed him to be among the four finalist authors to be present at Pavillon Kléber in Paris for the final of the Academic Research Award in Management, organized by Consult In France.

When we asked him what made the difference for his book to be selected in the top four among more than 50 books, Julien Granata answers: "To determine the finalists, the Jury evaluated the essential points that the book was likely to bring to management consultants. In this book, our work is based on serious scientific studies and aimed at managers. Business leaders and other renowned professionals participated in the direct validation of our search results by co-signing the chapters, which gives the book a dimension of truth as it is approved by all of them and presents concrete examples of coopetition in various fields such as the sports or wine industry. "

"The book shows, for example, that small companies, in different sectors of activity but in crisis, first of all manage to survive but also to make profits thanks to coopetition. In the textile industry, the SME Raidlight-Vertical is constantly innovating to produce a brand Made In France, while Sanofi and BMS accumulate $ 100 billion in revenue through coopetition "adds Julien Granata.

In the end, during the ceremony in Paris, the jury awarded the book "Realization - The principles of entrepreneurship for all" by Philippe Silberzahn, associate researcher at the Ecole Polytechnique. Julien Granata remains nonetheless thrilled to have been part of this great adventure. "I could discuss about my book and on current trends in the field of management with leading researchers, entrepreneurs and members of Consult In France that I would like to thank," he adds.

Julien Granata is currently working on a new book to be published soon which title is "Balanced Management: traditional energy balance applied to the company," co-written with a traditional Chinese doctor. "This book will show the similarities between the company and the human body both need balance. Complexity is the voltage source for both the individual and the company, that is what we want to compare, " he says.

Next year, a new course will be offered to second year Master’s students of Montpellier BS called "Processes simplification and Liberalized Management."