From globetrotter to Montpellier BS graduate, Virginie, apprentice at Schneider Electric, tells us about her extraordinary journey!

Always smiling and full of enthusiasm, it is very thankful that Virginie, 33 years old, wants to start our interview: "Thanks to Montpellier BS for giving me the opportunity to join the Master Grande Ecole programme which is not ordinary. " Student in the last year of the programme, Virginie Eynard already has a well-filled background through many experiences in several countries. She tells us.

"I stopped my studies when I was 18 years old and then worked for four years as a sales person and demonstrator at the Galeries Lafayette in Marseille," recalls Virginie. "I was starting to have some responsibilities but I wanted to be free and to discover the world. 10 years ago I took a one-way ticket to London without even speaking English. I just knew how to say "I'm looking for job" (laughs). "

"It was a shock because the limit of my world was in Avignon and Marseille! ", she says. "In terms of personal experience, it was very enriching. I started with a small job in the kitchen of a restaurant and I learned English. I did a training in the event field that allowed me to work in Shakespeare’s theatre as an event coordinator. In the end, I stayed 5 years in London and I ended up working in a real estate agency. "

At the time, Virginie was 26 and then decided to go back to France for a year, followed with a long trip to Mexico to visit the country and then, attempted to move to Amsterdam. "I stayed there for a year and a half and worked as a restaurant manager. But I did not speak Dutch and I could not see myself starting from scratch again like in London. " Back in France, Virginie chose to resume her studies. "Montpellier attracted me because it is a bustling and vibrant city. I did a two-years diploma in management and one of my teachers advised me to pursue with the Montpellier BS Master programme. The school allowed me to open my mind and build up my confidence. I also managed to find an apprenticeship contact which fits perfectly with my ambitions."

Since a year and a half, Virginie is working at Schneider Electric where she works as a Business Analyst related to CRM software (Customer Relationship Management). "I work on optimizing business performance with the Big Data. I learn and discover many things such as how a large group works, the establishment of processes, corporate communications, the strategic dimension etc. Thank you to Maria Martin, who was apprentice before me and that I replaced as well as Thierry Dassonville, my coordinator for coaching and mentoring me. "

Now that she has completed the programme and the Start Up specialization course, our 2016 graduate will be able to focus more on her thesis which subject is "social entrepreneurship in Languedoc-Roussillon". Another new exciting experience that is promising for Virginie!