Pascal Krupka, Programmes Development Manager, presentes the MSc in Finance taught at Montpellier BS, accredited by the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles

The finance world is generally divided into two separate fields: financial markets and corporate finance. This distinction is reflected outside France, through Master programmes that often specialize in one or the other of the two fields. But the latest financial and economic crises have shown the limits of this polarization. The market asks us to move away from a very technical approach to go back to the foundations and the versatility that can be found in the Master of Science in Finance taught at Montpellier Business School, in addition to lessons on regulation and risk management.

Pascal Krupka, Programmes Development Manager:

"The MSc in Finance offers both a solid theoretical knowledge and extensive practical applications. It prepares students to act in a dynamic and innovative way as a member or leader of a Finance Department. His programme is designed to prepare students for a wide range of careers both within and outside the financial sector, including financial engineering, risk management, quantitative management of assets, financial forecast, trading as well as microfinance. Although the programme does not require previous work experience in finance, some knowledge of the financial world or sensitivity to the economic world is a plus. The originality of this new programme is reflected by the focus on entrepreneurship, which will undoubtedly give the idea to many students to join a start up as CFO. The first role of finance is to allow companies to carry out their projects and the economy to develop. A start up, a wine cooperative or an industrial group does not have the same objectives or constraints: their financial strategies must be different. Yet all need financial cross-curricular competencies. It is to these issues that the students are prepared to through courses, case studies, business projects. The programme lasts a little more than a year with a total of 472 hours of lessons in English only, followed by a period of professional experience of minimum of 4 months in a business. Additionally, the programme includes a 6 months entrepreneurial project (team of 6 students) in a multi skilled team composed of other students of MSc (International Business and Marketing in particular) and coached by teachers and business leaders under the coordination of Pierre Alain Rogel who manages the Montpellier BS Entrepreneurship Centre."

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