Top form for Thomas! 2016 graduate after a 100% apprenticeship at Montpellier BS, he has just started his permanent contract with Decathlon Montpellier

Only 23 years old, Thomas Salas will always remember this Wednesday 1st of June. After five years in a apprenticeship with Décathlon, an important partner of Montpellier Business School that is celebrating its 40th anniversary this weekend, he has just signed his first permanent contract as an executive. Named head of the fitness department at the heart of the Decathlon Odysseum store in Montpellier, he tells us about his new sports-based career.

"I'm originally from Reims and before enrolling on the Master's programme at Montpellier BS, I did a technology degree in marketing techniques as apprenticeship, and I was a salesman at Decathlon in Châlons-en-Champagne for 2 years", recalls Thomas. "I was admitted to Montpellier BS in 2013 thanks to the FIA 1 [Initial Dual Training] admission and I did my apprenticeship with Décathlon with a three year contract at the Odysseum store. For two years I was second in command of the training department then, from the 1 July 2015, I was head of the "asphalt and ice board sports" department. At last, on Wednesday, I was made head of the fitness department with 19 permanent contract personnel that I have to manage!"
Let's remember that Thomas is not even a Montpellier BS graduate yet and has still to submit his dissertation. He tells us, like a former student, how he has experienced his apprenticeship adventures. "I owe a lot to Montpellier Business School as the integration of theory and practice during my course was just great! I wouldn't swap my route for anything in the world because it's so enriching. The school provides a lot, both professionally and in terms of humanity. We are players in its project and this is what I will remember from these 3 years".

"In the end, it's still 5 years of experience with Decathlon that have ended with a permanent contract and I'm thrilled about it", adds Thomas. "I have a lot to learn in terms of maturity because this company is really centred on everyday know-how, the human dimension and work-related well-being. You help others to develop and you develop yourself. For example, every month, there is an individual interview for development and decisions with each one of our colleagues. The manager primarily has a coaching role and he goes along with the needs of each person. I've been a footballer since the age of 5 and it's great for me to work in this sports environment. Of course, the sporting spirit is very present at Décathlon. I find the same spirit, the same philosophy as in a sports team. This spirit will also be present in the context of 40 years of teaching"

Montpellier Business School takes advantage of this occasion to wish a very happy birthday to its important partner!