"Newrest, it's a start-up atmosphere but on a grand scale! " The point of view of Elodie, who is looking for an apprenticeship in HR to succeed her

Originally from the "pink town" of Toulouse, and continued Master L3 student at Montpellier BS, Elodie Chassagne is currently doing her end-of-first-year work placement at Newrest, world leader in multi- sector catering. At 25 year old, she is learning about the world of recruitment in a dynamic company, in start up mode, that is always on the lookout for new challenges for its 28,000 colleagues.

"I'm also taking an unusual route", Elodie comments. "After a Science and Technical Laboratory Baccalaureate (STL), 2 years of biology, of professional experience, I decided, at the age of 25, to pass parallel post-baccalaureate admissionsin the 1st year. After a year at Montpellier, for my 4-month work placement, I obviously aimed for my hometown but also for a job in HR. I was a candidate at Newrest which, along with Airbus, is one of the best companies in Toulouse and everything went well. I'm working in the French affiliate dedicated to airline catering and we are going to different production sites for on-board catering. I'm speaking at the recruitment party for staff from the world of nutrition production who are not that easy to find… An everyday challenge!"

"Newrest has a very specific story", Elodie continues. "In 1990, Mr Olivier Sadran, current Co-MD of the Newrest Group, formed his first collective catering company in Toulouse at the age of 21, for the attention of the workers in the Metro field. Then, in 1996, he decided to found Catair, a specialist company in airline catering. Twenty years later, Catair became Newrest, a multinational specialist in out-of-home catering established in 50 countries with 28,000 employees and it is still co-managed by Olivier Sadran. The centre of its activity is airline catering but also railway catering, concessions (in airports, motorway services, ships, bus stations, etc.), mass catering and on remote sites.
Today Newrest distributes 1 million meals a day. And this continues to climb! We are constantly recruiting for all posts and it's always fast. That means I am never bored, I can assure you (laughs)!"

I don't think I'm mistaken in saying that this exceptional expansion is due to the managers' professionalism and also primarily the teams and people who are part of the large Newrest family. Everyone has entrepreneurial fibre, the taste for a challenge, a reaction in the blood, it's rather impressive! They have the art of transforming constraints into advantages. It's a sector I don't know, a company that does not make much noise but which has strong values and I honestly am very proud to be here. At Newrest, you don't need to be astonished but to be open and get involved. The whole of the company works in a collaborative way in multi-expertise. Thus each person integrates with the others. Flexibility, decision, adaptation… it goes very, very fast! It's a large-scale start-up atmosphere! And honestly I adore this! So will you tell me why I'm leaving? The answer is simple, in the end, HR is not for me (laughs)! So I'm moving to new horizons. However, they're looking to recruit a Montpellier BS student in apprenticeship to replace me! So if this challenge pleases you, contact me!"

Elodie does not regret resuming her studies. "It's a great chance for me and I'm making the most of it in order to thank all those who worked for me and gave me confidence. A huge thank you also to the Newrest team with Mr Eric Llorens, HR Management France, Miss Céline Roulland, Head of HR and Mr Guillaume Jarlan, International HR Manager, for their welcome and daily support. Thanks to them, I'm continuing on my path! And who knows, our paths may cross again!"