Montpellier BS and the AwoX – Cabasse group welcomed 28 international students from Manchester Business School

On 1 July, 28 students from Manchester Business School accompanied by Mrs Marie-Claude Witcombe, International Programmes Manager, were welcomed to the Montpellier offices of the AwoX - Cabasse group by their Managing Director, Mr Alain Molinié. A great way to conclude three days spent at the Montpellier Business School.

As part of their European Summer Study Programme, 28 students from Manchester Business School were at Montpellier BS from 29 June to 1 July. After mainly having taken the course entitled "Doing business with France" with Professor Paul Martin, they had the opportunity to explore the interior of the AwoX company headquarters, the French Tech leader in Montpellier and pioneer in the world of smart connected lighting.

During these two special hours with Mr Alain Molinié, MD of the AwoX – Cabasse group, these international students learned a great deal about the market of the smart house and connected audio. Captivated by the explanations and impressed by the demonstrations of the different products, they then put a large number of questions to the MD of the group.

For me, our profession has a people's approach", answers Mr Alain Molinié when asked why he so wanted to welcome and spend time with these students. "I am an entrepreneur. I was helped and now it's my turn to help the younger generations. Because the future will be made by the education of the youth that you shape. It is thus necessary to pass on information, and for me, this starts with passion. It also makes companies more accessible".

Manchester, Prague, Barcelona and Montpellier

"A year ago, the students who took the European Summer Study programme came to Montpellier for the 1st time but only spent a day with us". Mrs Marie-Claude Witcombe, International Programmes Director of the Manchester Business School, concludes: "It was already a year ago and it is for that reason that I wanted to return and stay for three days this year. The whole sojourn was perfectly organised and was very interesting for the students. What's more, the visit to AwoX was a huge success! The aim of these 3 days was to show them concrete examples of how business functions in France after their trips to Prague, Barcelona and of course England. This programme has existed for 25 years but it's only the second time that we've come to Montpellier. Thank you to the whole team at Montpellier BS who welcomed us and I can already say that we will return with pleasure!"

It will be a pleasure to welcome you again!