Double degree and academic reward! Bachelor's graduate, Damien discusses his exchange year in the United Kingdom

Damien, aged 23, is a 2016 graduate student of the Bachelor programme at Montpellier Business School. After 4 years firmly turned towards the international arena, he concluded his last year by winning the "Cengage Learning International Prize" for his research dissertation, written during his exchange year in the United Kingdom, the title of which was "Best Performance on a Strategy and Management Dissertation". This prize is an academic reward that highlights the best work from De Monfort University in matters of strategy, from a hundred students.

"For the last year of my Bachelor's, after work experience in China for my business year, I would really like to go to an Anglo-Saxon country and get a double degree. I have had a fantastic academic, human and student experience at De Monfort University in Leicester, a partner of Montpellier BS. I sometimes had to work at the same time as the courses because I was funding part of my studies myself, but it's common enough over there to have a student job, and it was easy to find."

"I am very proud of this prize which brings together all of my efforts (and they were numerous…), particularly in learning the English language but also in the field of academic knowledge. I first thought there was an error when they announced that the prize was awarded to me. I really never expected it, knowing that it had never been awarded to an international student before. Sometimes, certain people think that the academic year is a tourism or holiday year!! What I remember about my year, beyond the pleasure of living abroad, is primarily the work, and the constant language barrier which, despite everything, did not prevent me from handing in all work which, for me, was worth the congratulations and the prize at the end!"

"When you arrive in a strange country and in a new school, you inevitably face some unexpected difficulties. For my part, I had to write up two research pieces at the same time, because of a small misunderstanding! By mistake I chose a finance course which required the submission of a dissertation of more than 65 pages, when I already had to submit a 90-page dissertation on strategy! Double dose!!"

After the Baccalaureate programme Damien chose the Bachelor's at Montpellier Business School for the opportunities it offered in the international arena and he was helped. "I truly needed to start an international career, and this school allowed me to do that! I will always remember my 8-month work experience in China (it was still possible 2 years ago) in the offshore fortune management internship at the deVere Group, the largest independent financial manager in the world. During these 8 months, I had pleasant responsibilities. In China, everything is more accessible. I was able to meet the managers of the international companies of the CAC 40 (French stock market index)! I would certainly never have such an opportunity in France".

Damien concludes with a short message to the new students enrolled in all the programmes "Live abroad to the full and enjoy!"