It's a green light for the 5th promotion of BADGE Volkswagen Groupe France, partner of the Montpellier BS, in the presence of Mr Jacques Rivoal, its Chairman

On Tuesday 6 September, for the "start of the school year" of the 4th year group and the launch of the 5th BADGE Volkswagen year group, Mr Jacques Rivoal, Chief Executive Chairman of the Volkswagen Group France, Mr Benoît Sys, Human Resources Manager, and Mr Philippe Millot, Education Manager, were in the continued training premises of Montpellier BS to meet their 30 "partner-managers" in the middle or beginning of training.

This strategic field visit anchors the commitment of the General Management of Volkswagen Groupe France to be as close as possible to the evolution of the practices of its concessionaire managers in a rapidly changing environment (uberisation, digitisation, the changes in buying behaviours, customer satisfaction levers, etc.)

"Our concessionaire managers and their teams are more than ever the key actors between the VGF brand and their clients. It is therefore particularly important to reach out to them, to support them and to give not only a sense of the brand's actions but also the means of development. The training comprises part of our engagements in the context of a win-win process. Thanks to the concept of this customised BADGE built with MBS, centred on both the global and interdisciplinary problems of our sector (strategic management, finance, human resources, marketing, quality & customer satisfaction, personal development and team management), these managers not only have at their disposal the same level of training but can also experience through valuable exchanges amongst themselves on concrete cases or foreseeable situations at the heart of the progression of their professions" explains Benoit Sys, Human Resource Manager of the Group.

Since July 2011, more than 100 managers have been or are still in the process of training thanks to the BADGE Volkswagen programme at the MBS certified by the convention of Grandes Ecoles (Elite French Universities) and devised by the teachers at the Montpellier Business School.

"In the course of the promotions and the years, Volkswagen Groupe France, given the ultra-rapid development of the market tendencies of behaviours or tools, have set up dedicated bodies enabling a complete review of the programme to be carried out" explains François Xavier Théry, Director of Continued Education. Thus for the start of this academic year, we have agreed on an in-depth study of several axes like uberisation or even the growing power of digital resources. These dedicated programmes. It's a process clearly set up with all our important partners".

Montpellier Business School is very pleased to have been able to welcome the whole management team from its important partner and two BADGE promotions.