The Executive MBA at Montpellier Business School innovates for optimal performance!

The Executive MBA programme is aimed at professional frameworks and managers who would like to seize new French or international opportunities, to transform their company or even create their own. This high added value general programme leads to two degrees: one is international, known through the AACSB and AMBA accreditations, but also and primarily the level 1 degree (Bac+5 and over) of the RNCP (Répertoire National des Certifications Professionnelles [French register of professional certifications]) known nationally and across Europe that allows benefiting from a code to open all financial packages with regard to the reform of continuous training. It has just changed its curriculum to be more in line with the needs of managers and directors.

Management sciences are constantly changing. In recent years, they have been evolving more than ever in a context of globalisation, uberisation, digitisation, changes in purchasing behaviours as well as the management associated with the progressive rise of native digital generations on which they have an effect and have to get used to. All the MBS programmes, whether in initial or continuous training, adapt in order to be able to meet operational and strategic needs.

The Executive MBA programme did not avoid the rule. Founded more than 20 years ago and endowed with a network of more than 600 graduates, it is at a pace adapted to very dense activity (2 years or 1 year fast-track for professional retraining participants).
It includes 500 face-to-face hours over 14 seminars per week as well as course in blended-learning and specific coaching classes by lecturers throughout the training and, particularly, in all that concerns the last part of the curriculum relative to the professional thesis.

The series of modules in parallel with professional activity enable immediate application which is seen in the programme. Certainly, it represents an investment in work and time but it is a formidable booster for the short-term progress of its practices and vision.

"This year, we decided to reorganise the teachers in order to personalise the course more effectively and to integrate the concepts of topical points for companies like digital, lean, and thinking design" explains Mrs Catherine Marlier, programme director. "This new organisation also enables the proposition of 3 courses (Business – transformation – management) and 4 certificates in strategic stakes (International Business, inter-cultural management, managerial innovation, diversity and RSE)

The expected number for the start of the 2016 academic year planned for 17 October is 30 participants, the majority from the south, with a national and international business scope. "The decision process is longer for an Executive MBA than just a few days of continuous training; we set up monthly information meetings while awaiting the 'graduation' of the next 2 year groups this coming 23 January.

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