Montpellier Business School maintains its international position among the best Masters in the world ranked by the Financial Times, a global reference for business school rankings!

In the rankings that came out today, Montpellier Business School establishes its position in the TOP 50 of the best global Master's in management in the context of increasing the number of accredited and ranked Business Schools from now on to 90 programmes (80 in the past 3 years). The average of the last 3 rankings positioned it at 40th over 3 years out of the best global Masters programmes.

"This first ranking of the new academic year which comes just at the start is a reason for MBS and all its stakeholders to celebrate, particularly for those who remember that Montpellier Business School has only featured in these prestigious international rankings for the past 5 years (2012: 49th global position) with 80 of its international colleagues" explains Didier Jourdan, Dean of the Montpellier Business School. "This ranking grants us the 46th place in the best global Master's in management behind a dozen universities in emerging countries and the inflow of the Anglo-Saxons who are waging a hard battle, mainly in terms of immense financial investments. On average over 3 years, Montpellier BS is in 40th place for global Business Schools with 90 accredited institutions ranked this year".

The rankings, which are a reference point for international rankings, take a number of cross-referenced criteria into account, such as career salaries earned during the 3 years after graduation from the Master’s programme (the class of 2013 was surveyed), return on investment (cost of studies/remuneration), career progress after three years of activity, as well as the percentage of women, of teachers from abroad and PhD students within the programmes’ teaching body etc.

"We are obviously very proud of this result that honours all the actions taken by the school and stakeholders to remain and progress in the global competition for Business Schools. It's a great performance that will, if necessary, reassure the new students who enrolled for our programmes this year and of course all the companies that support our development" explains Didier Jourdan, Dean of Montpellier BS.

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