Birth of the Montpellier BS Behavioural Observatory! An innovation in student and business services

Because the Montpellier BS mission is to be at the service of global and sustainable performance of the organisations, societies and mankind; because the Montpellier BS mission is to train managers, strong in their diversity, conscious of their global responsibilities, adaptable to the constant changes of environment, and that behavioural skills have been priorities of MBS for many years, it is not surprising that today we have a place to observe and analyse the behavioural changes of the school's students.

An observer of the characteristics, a measure of the transformations, an analysis of the consequences of the changes in career development, the Montpellier BS Behavioural Observatory is all that at the same time! Far from being a traditional, yet indispensable, psychological support committee for students, it is an innovative area of the global vision of personalities and analysis of human systems, led by a team of professionals in relationships, professors and external consultants, psychologists, psycho-practitioners and psycho-sociologists.

"To know oneself and others has always been a human preoccupation… Relationships are the life and construction of each one of us! With this observatory, our students can be open to the levers of the workings of people who surround them both today and tomorrow. To be interested only in one's own profile is really not sufficient for professionals of whom leadership and empathy are demanded, as well as engagement and adaptation! How, moreover, can we expect to be proactive and creative without the global vision of the players?", explains Professor Patrick Mahé, Director of the Observatory.

"The students are very interested by behavioural approaches methodologies: all are aware that it's know-how, and especially the knowledge of how to change, that will make a difference in their lives, both professionally and personally!
For them, the future managers, the Observatory, which will publish over several years the workings of the young student populations, will be a place to enrich their performance of people. The Observatory works for today and tomorrow! Particularly as our data was consolidated by psychological consultants, everyday participants in our companies. It is unique and a forerunner in a management school", adds Professor Emmanuelle Chaize, Operational Head of the Observatory.

Beyond the technological developments, the singularity is the richness of men and women: that is what the necessity of business organisations is. Montpellier BS Behavioural Observatory is their tool from now on!

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