Montpellier Business School launches new actions linked to well-being with its students!

Montpellier Business School and most particularly its Human Resources Management and the RSE Management, have suggested for several years, within the framework of its global responsibility, to all the Montpellier BS students and its personnel conferences and events around health. This year, it reaches a new milestone, by building onto its existing health measures (psychological accent, meditation aspect and allo discrim [French company] platform) with a week of conference cycles on the theme of student well-being.

"We decided to prioritise certain themes at the start of the academic year and to treat them under forms of interactive conferences", explains Mrs Sophie Gosselin,
Health, Disability and Sustainable Development Project Manager
Human Resources, Diversity and Corporate Social Responsibility Department.

"Admission to the management Grande Ecole is often a synonym for geographical distance from family or friends, and the first experiment in autonomy (in fact real liberty is not often dealt with very well) in a new environment. If nutrition, diet, sports, the impact of nutrition on mental or physical state or creativity level are subjects of the order of the day at these conferences, we are also keen to bring up the more sensitive subjects like personal data protection, precautions to take on social networks, including cyber criminalism, and also risk behaviours in matters of drugs, alcohol, deviant behaviours (violence, etc.). It's inscribed in our global responsibility approach. Our French and international students must know that personal and professional status exists and what reflexes are good to have. All the conference participants were chosen because they are capable of finding the right words to express what can be rather sensitive subjects. These are all professionals in information and prevention who know how to adapt to young people! And we are very pleased that they've agreed to participate in these new actions
The Montpellier Business School teams of course wish to thank the trainers, consultancy firms, and organisations for their participation in this conference cycle that will take place from the 3rd to the 7th of this coming October at the MBS campus, and particularly Mrs Catherine CHEDHOMME, Dietitian, Nutritionist and Coach, the SP2 Consulting company, Specialist Agency in training activities connected to quality of life and health, Mr Marc Elie of the Société Elicode and, last but not least, Mrs Coralie Dubost of Face Hérault in association with the CIDFF (Centre National d'Information sur les Droits des Femmes et des Familles [National Information Centre for the Rights of Women and Families]).

For more information on student well-being measures, you can contact Sophie Gosselin or Murielle Lasch: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ; This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .