Montpellier Business School balances the global knowledge level of all its students on admission to each programme!

The Montpellier Business School Master's programme registers students each year in very different academic career paths. For this new academic year, it's setting up educational “SAS” from the first year of the L3 through to the M2 and the educational "SAS" on admission to each year. These courses are destined to facilitate the academic integration of students in each year group in order to give to them all a homogeneous level of knowledge so that they progress at the same pace.

The diversity of profiles that can be found at the centre of each year group, with students from preparatory classes, parallel post-baccalaureate admissions in all courses, international students from more than 150 universities across the world, athletes of the highest level or students in continuous training, requires a different form of instruction that the teachers at Montpellier BS have to implement in order to enable their students to succeed.
Nevertheless, in order to further increase the global academic level of all the students, the academic management, in agreement with the Master's programme management, decided to set up on admission to each academic year, the educational SAS to harmonise knowledge levels for the students.

"The aim is to allow each student, no matter where they're from and what their level, to follow the year's teaching in good conditions", explains Christine Bousquet, the New Master Programme Director. These "SAS" on admission are clearly different for each year group. In the first year, they are concerned with general culture, statistics, mathematics, accounting and marketing. An initial positioning test determines which course should be taken by each student. The acquisition of knowledge is evaluated at the end of the year by a second test. In the second year, they again take the fundamentals in accounting and finance, Marketing and Management on which part of the year's teaching will be based. In the third and last year, they take Finance, Accounting, management tests, Marketing, HR and RSE Management, and of course Information Systems. Their aim is to guarantee mastery of necessary academic knowledge for students while practising a managerial function".

The opinion of Dr Audrey Missonier, researcher-teacher in management and strategy, is that this innovative implementation of all the years of the programme will enable the students to be calmer when it comes to certain management fields in which they are, by nature, very unequal, and to enable teachers to offer more places in their discipline in order to go further in acquiring knowledge.

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