Montpellier Business School is pleased to announce the signing of an institutional partnership agreement with the French Navy (Marine Nationale).

For the past two years, the Montpellier Business School Master 2 students following the specialisation path "Start'Up Creation, Innovation, Leadership", have been benefitting from the French Navy's expertise in Leadership during a two-day seminar in Toulon. This seminar, between practical exercises, conferences and visits, allows them to understand and to work on this essential entrepreneurial quality.

Yrian Condamine, aged 25 and 2016 graduate student in apprenticeship at the heart of the LVMH group [Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy], shared his view of this seminar. "These were two really intense days outside the MBS. First, we had a talk by Johan Ruisi, Montpellier BS graduate, on takeovers or How to become a leader in an environment that one has not created but taken over? Using which methods? What credibility? We have made the themes of adaptability, transparency, and communication tangible and understandable. On the same topic, we also met with Mr Nicolas Stoeckel, founder of a consultancy firm guiding a number of managers in strategy. Then Admiral Bernard Rogel spoke to us about his leadership vision. How to decide? The arguments for and against, the place of compromise… A voice of good sense and wisdom a long way away from all managerial formulas. After that we were taken to the aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle and we were eligible for a little training in admittedly rather sterilised but still very intense physical and military preparation. The idea was the sense of importance of the group, cohesion, motivation, communication among all… We followed a 7-km route with trials on foot and swimming in quick time (laughs) in 14 degree waters in the middle of April. A real way of finding out if you have what it takes to be a leader.

I think we grasped the parallel between the army and entrepreneurship! In the army, you start at the bottom of the ladder, and have to nourish yourself on the skills of others in order to blossom later. There is a strong relationship with entrepreneurship, not least for the importance of distance in decision-making, or the need for a sufficiently large field of vision in order to plan for the future, because each decision has a consequence on several areas, and finally to never to let emotions get the better of you. On the aspect of leadership, we grasped one essential thing, which is that humans have to be able to express themselves and be taken into account.
The ability to highlight the skills of each team member enables a collective dynamic. Being supported by others and encouraged in difficult times is important".

Following this experience, Montpellier Business School and the French Navy decided to give an honoured institutional dimension to their relationship through the signing of a partnership. "This partnership equips the MBS with a high quality partner" says Didier Jourdan, Dean of the Montpellier Business School. "We are very proud to be able to collaborate with the Army, whose function is not so far removed from business. At our centre is the desire to exchange ideas regarding the managerial practices of these two worlds which appear to be in complete opposition"

For all information: Pierre-Alain Rogel, Director of the MBS Centre for Business, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it