Montpellier Business School launches the 1st International Economic Development Student Force focused on Germany and Mexico!

The FEDEI (Force Etudiante de Développement Economique International [International Student Force]) is a "Business Development" educational action that takes place in the 2nd year of the Grand Ecole Master Programme, while the students are enrolled in the academic year in one of the 150 partner universities. Beyond these academic and personal development goals, the aim of this test plan in this first year is to deepen professional experience in order to improve their business knowledge of the exchange country, and to share it with the countries' businesses.

For this year 2016/2017, two companies from the LRMP (Languedoc-Roussillon-Midi-Pyrénées [Occitania]) Region volunteered for this action: SOLEDGE and RG System managed respectively by Maryam BINI and Grégory CLADERA, two leading French Tech start-ups, who want to direct their development towards the international arena. "Our company has been established in Great Britain, in Israel and in Denmark in the audiovisual sector. Our objective is to study development potentials in Germany. The Master 1 students at MBS on site will be able to lead a real start-up development project centred on the disciplines that they have already mastered to comprehend development and operational marketing" explains Maryam Bini, who is also a graduate of MBS. For RG System in the IT market with a software solution of great added value for the development of clouds, smart cities and renewable energy farms, the goal will be to focus on Mexico via its American affiliate.

Undergoing tests for this first year by a group of five volunteers, the Montpellier Business School students will be seen to hand over the commercial and marketing development of these two companies in their target countries, in order to contribute to the success and their establishment abroad. "Each company will direct their research in elements to aid comprehension of the country's economic landscape", explains Pierre-Alain Rogel, Director of the MBS Business Centre. "The students have to learn to check, cross-check, and synthesise information from a variety of different sources.
At the end of the three months spent in the country, they will be in a position to understand the cultural reaction of a population faced with an offer, namely that they have to still develop via concrete commercial actions. If this test is conclusive and in accordance with the needs of the companies of the LRMP Region, this programme will be launched the following year in all the countries our students study in."

Through this innovative interdisciplinary action bringing together international students and companies, MBS will enable 47 students currently in Germany and Mexico to apply their professional and emerging skills collectively to enable them to start up a first network of international professional contacts.

"Obviously the companies' managers will furnish their charge notebook according to their needs and expectations. A collaboration tool keeps them informed and in communication with the student group and educational coach (a teacher from MBS) every day. A monthly progress report will redirect the mission in accordance with the priorities of the company" confirms Pierre-Alain Rogel, Director of the MBS Business Centre

For all information: Pierre-Alain Rogel, Director of the MBS Business Centre, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it