The major "Purchasing and Supply Chain" at Montpellier BS is becoming the Operational Excellence major

The improvement continues to be part of Montpellier Business School's genetic make-up mainly in the last year of the Grand Ecole Montpellier Business School Master's programme, which is a springboard towards the first job. Organised by the disciplinary fields and professional openings, with the organisation of 10 Majors associated with 17 routes of complementary specialisation, this year it revisits the major "purchasing and supply chain" which becomes the major "operational excellence" managed by professor Dr Cyril Foropon. Interview.

Professor, how do you define operational excellence?
"In the capacity of a researcher-teacher, first of all I can only give you an academic definition! Operational excellence represents a business's capacity to implement a management system that aims at the permanent improvement of its competitiveness, always creating more value for its clients, its employees, its partners and its shareholders (Source: Operational Excellence Observatory, Renault Consulting). More pragmatically, in response to the real globalisation problems faced by businesses, it is based on a systematic and methodical approach in order to maximise performance in matters of productivity, product quality, cost reduction, and in short performance in general. Purchasing reliance, supply-chain, finance, digital and client culture, it was therefore developed globally because it is a powerful competitiveness lever for the companies and therefore employment suppliers for young general managers split off from fundamental concepts.

What is the aim of refocusing this major?

The aim of the 'Operational Excellence' major is to enable students to enrich their Master's and their understanding of organisational processes and improvement projects in all areas of the company, by allowing them to deepen their knowledge of the activity's interdisciplinary management processes, and also to develop their reasoning skills and make decisions in line with the approaches, tools and optimisation methods of the internal and external workings of the company. An aim is also to put their knowledge and skills into perspective with regard to the international and ethical contexts. Structured in 7 courses taught in English by researcher-teachers and professionals of the highest order, it responds perfectly to the operational excellence approaches in which more and more organisations in the industry and services are involved.

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