Air France and Les 2 Rives entrust Montpellier BS with the training of cabin crew at Montpellier Business School

In a context of constant innovation to serve customers in the highly competitive aviation market, on 12/09/2016 at its headquarters in Roissy, in the presence of Mrs. Anne Rigail, Deputy MD of the Cabin Crew Division, and Mr. Luc Bargeton, HR Director, Air France’s Cabin Crew Division, (15,000 employees) launched the first class of a specific training course, combining a diploma of validation of previous professional experience support and ad-hoc training modules. This tailored programme will allow the 28 trainees from the national company to validate one of the two Bachelor’s or Master’s management degrees from Montpellier Business School, with whom this partnership has been established. The entire project was led by the Les 2 Rives firm, a recognised specialist in APEL support in France, under the responsibility of Mrs. Véronique Flavigny, Director of Training for Air France.

The first class consists of 28 executives who will attend a training course specially designed according to the standards of professional skills and the required diploma, this programme is divided into a core curriculum of 18 days supplemented by specialised courses taking into account the needs of the required degree (either Bac +3 Bachelor’s, or the Grande Ecole Master’s) which started on 21/09 with Dr. Paul Chiambaretto, a Management Sciences lecturer and researcher at Montpellier Business School, who is an internationally recognised aviation specialist. In parallel, each manager will be individually supported by an APEL consultant from the Les 2 Rives firm in drafting their APEL thesis that will be defended in November 2017, in order to officially validate the required diploma.

"This training investment will enable our Cabin Crew managers to further improve their adaptability in an increasingly competitive environment by allowing them to develop their skills, and to get closer to the future challenges of our division", underlines Anne Rigail, Deputy MD of the Cabin Crew Division. "This is a particularly innovative and meaningful solution that values acquired skills, that will also allow the managers trained, through the validation of an internationally recognised qualification, to consider their careers with a broader perspective", adds Véronique Flavigny, Director of Training for Air France.

"We work with the national company on several business lines and we are able to refine the solutions to be closer to their needs. We wanted, through this project, to let Air France’s Cabin Crew Division benefit from our expertise in a diploma of validation of previous professional experience support, acquired over 10 years, by adding consulting value to uncommon degree-awarding solutions, especially for Masters", said David Rivoire, Chairman and founder of the Les 2 Rives firm.

"We are very pleased to have been selected by the Les 2 Rives firm and Air France’s Cabin Crew Division. Montpellier Business School is recognised by many leading groups in many sectors, for its educational expertise, the quality of its research lecturers, and in creating customised programmes that have been deployed since 2007. I think that the international expertise of Dr. Paul Chiambaretto in the airline industry has created the additional credibility needed for an innovative offer. It is essential to attach research to business. The reform of vocational training also invites us to always be closer to the expectations of the many companies who want to invest in degree-eligible training courses backed by specific professional reference systems and expected skills. Air France has really pushed this thinking a long way with this action, which is a first in France of this magnitude", says François-Xavier Théry, Director of Development and Businesses at Montpellier Business School.